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4 Benefits of Using Vacuum Therapy for ED

A shocking 75 percent of men with erectile dysfunction, or ED, forego treatment in hopes of the condition resolving on its own in due time, whether that’s vacuum therapy or medication. Unfortunately, most cases have an underlying cause that will not simply disappear with time. In addition, erectile dysfunction acts as an indicator for the development of serious health conditions, such as heart disease, so it is incredibly important to have ED symptoms assessed as soon as they start. Beyond the prevention of serious health complications, acquiring a diagnosis for ED can help you embrace natural treatments, such as vacuum therapy. When you naturally resolve your symptoms, you will likely enjoy the four following benefits.

Confidence Increase

Untreated ED symptoms can severely compromise your confidence levels for the foreseeable future. This effect multiplies if the symptoms seemingly come and go without an obvious cause. You may start to withdraw from your significant other at first, only to notice the confidence decrease affecting other areas of your life. When you reverse your symptoms with vacuum pump therapy, however, your confidence levels tend to come back stronger than ever.

Stress Level Decrease

Whether achieved with a partner or solo, orgasms have an amazing way of decreasing stress levels back to a manageable range. The release of endorphins and elevation of mood triggered by an orgasm allow stress to slip away unnoticed, even after the toughest of days. When ED symptoms arise, however, your ability to achieve an orgasm may become so compromised that you just stop trying, causing your stress levels to reach new heights. Thankfully, a negative-pressure device can help you not only achieve an erection, but also maintain it through the peak of your sexual activities.

Relationship Improvements

Although healthy relationships can continue to thrive without sex, the loss of an intimate connection can introduce a barrier that was never there before. Resuming sexual activities with your significant other can reintroduce the closeness that you both may have not even noticed had disappeared. Furthermore, with a vacuum therapy pump, there is no wait time, as is found with oral ED medications and other treatment options, which allows for spontaneous sexual activities that may have helped to improve your relationship in the past.

Sleep Quality Boost

Along with the decrease in stress, orgasm triggers the release of a cascade of brain chemicals that help improve your sleep quality. The three main chemicals, oxytocin, norepinephrine and serotonin, work together to prime your being for total relaxation, which helps you achieve deep sleep cycles that restore your mind and body. Since the use of a penis pump is a natural treatment approach, it does not carry a risk of side effects that could disrupt your sleep patterns. With sleep affecting every aspect of your health, the quality improvements will likely give you an overall wellness boost as well.

Obtaining a Vacuum Pump for ED

If you are ready to start treating your erectile dysfunction symptoms with vacuum pump therapy, contact Augusta Medical Systems to learn about the SomaTherapy-ED device options available today. You can acquire a manual or battery-operated vacuum therapy device with or without a prescription. Call the team at 1-800-827-8382 or fill out the online contact form to learn more information.