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Medical Grade Vacuum Device

Red stamp with text FDA Approved


Medical grade vacuum erection devices for erectile dysfunction also known as penis pumps are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  They are classified as a Class II Medical Device. Buyers beware! There are currently hundreds upon hundreds of different ED pumps for sale. Price’s and design very quite a bit among the many available options. Despite numerous ED pump choices, there are currently only seven manufacturers who are registered as medical grade device manufacturers with the FDA. This fact might prove valuable when deciding which product to purchase. Click on the following link, Medical Grade Vacuum Erection Device to determine which manufacturers produce medical grade products. If the creator of the product you are considering to purchase is not registered on this website, the product is being marketed illegally to the public.


Does it matter if the ED pump you purchase is Medical Grade and legally marketed?


  1. An FDA registered manufacturer of a vacuum erection device must follow (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices.
  2. As a manufacturer following Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality Assurance Programs and Quality Testing determine how these ED Pumps are produced and ensure high quality standards and safety for the men and women who use these products.
  3. The FDA routinely inspects these manufacturers to ensure compliance to the regulations, and to guarantee that adequate labeling and high safety standards are met.


Why are so may ED Pumps marketed illegally?


The FDA is responsible for oversight and regulation of medical devices and drugs.  Many Class II medical devices do not require Premarket Notification and fall under an existing 510(k) for a product. Manufacturers of vacuum erection devices, or their devices, can not be FDA approved but are deemed substantially equivalent to the original 510(k) issued in 1982. However, each manufacturer must by law register with the FDA and comply with their guidelines.  Class II medical devices are not considered as dangerous to the public as many implantable devices or prescription drugs.  The FDA’s first priority are products that potentially have deadly side effects or present major health threats. This does not mean that ED Pumps do not have safety issues, because they can and do. Class II devices are generally thought to be less risky.  However, if you are considering an illegally marketed vacuum erection device it does not mean these products are safe or that the FDA will not shut down the manufacturer. It may mean the FDA has not yet audited the manufacturer. The MegaVac System is an example of an illegally marketed and manufactured product in which the FDA took action.

Medical Grade Vacuum Device


Medical Grade Vacuum Device


Augusta Medical Systems is a United States manufacturer of medical grade vacuum erection devices.  Soma Therapy ED has a success rate over 90%.  All of our devices are designed, manufactured, and shipped directly from Augusta Georgia.  Please take an opportunity to learn about Soma Therapy-ED and view all of our medical grade vacuum therapy devices.  If you have questions and would like to speak with a customer support specialist you can call 1-800-827-8382.

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5 Things You Should Know About Medical Penis Pumps

Medical grade penis pumps

If you’re a man looking for erectile dysfunction (ED) solutions, there are many drugs, herbal supplements, devices, and therapeutic treatments to choose from. So many commercials portray simple ED remedies and seemingly happy couples.  With these various choices, which are legitimate medical treatments?

is viagra safe with high blood pressureEndorsements and product promotions can be unclear. Some seem intentionally confusing. The lines that separate medical treatments and lifestyle enhancement products are often unclear.  Have you ever questioned an herbal supplement advertisement that had the appearance of a legitimate medical treatment?   

This is partly how herbal supplements and novelty products are passed off as effective medical treatments.  Furthermore, many men don’t discuss the topic of erectile dysfunction with a partner. As a result, fundamental communication about the condition of erectile dysfunction and effective treatment results are not transparent. This creates gaps between perception and reality.

Numerous promoters of pills, gels, drinks, pumps, and herbal supplements put a Young man on a clever label claiming rock hard erections.  A normal guy with ED who tries this kind of product may internalize a bad experience with a gimmicky lifestyle enhancement product as a personal or medical failure. He may or may not share his experience.

Medical grade penis pumps are one of the most effective ED treatments available.  There are over 800 clinical studies published on medical penis pumps.  What is the difference between a medical grade penis pump and one that is non-medical?

Guide to Penis Pumps


Is your penis pump approved by the FDA?


Did you know that any penis pump (vacuum erection device) that makes a medical claim such as treating erectile dysfunction should be registered with the FDA? Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not register and this is not visible to consumers.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires external penile rigidity devices (also known as penis pumps) to comply with Class II Special Controls. All mechanical, powered, and pneumatic devices that are designed to create or maintain erections sufficiently strong for sexual intercourse Medical grade penis pumpsmust comply with certain design and safety features.

This means that manufacturers of medical penis pumps must follow certain standards and recommendations before commercially distributing their device and marketing it to the public. In addition, the FDA recommends certain measures to mitigate known risks and ensure the safe use of penis pumps with best results. For the consumer, this provides an assurance of safety and effectiveness.


The safest penis pump is a medical grade penis pump


are penis pumps safe?

Manufacturers of medical grade penis pumps are subject to routine FDA inspections to ensure quality standards are being followed.  These standards make a penis pump safe to use.  Manufacturers must establish and follow quality systems to help ensure that their products consistently meet applicable requirements and specifications.  These are known as current good manufacturing practices (CMPG’s).

According to FDA guidelines, medical penis pumps must have safety-related design features, some of which include:

  • A manual safety mechanism to allow quick release of vacuum pressure.
  • No feature that promotes extended or continuous use beyond the recommended time.
  • A safety valve to ensure vacuum pressure remains within safe levels.
  • Smooth shape and surface to minimize potential injury to the user and their partner.
  • Adequate electrical safety in powered devices.
  • Easy-to-understand instructions with illustrations on how to operate the device.
  • Warning statements and consequences of not following instructions on proper use.

Knowing that the device purchased is an FDA-Registered medical penis pump should answer an important question. Are penis pumps safe? This level of adherence to standards and quality commitment is designed to prevent injury and ensure both the user and their partner achieve predictable and reliable results. Read our guide to penis pumps for more information on using these devices correctly and the benefits that can be expected.


Medical grade penis pumps are the most effective in treating ED


Even though FDA requirements are crystal clear about registration and quality standards, many products manufacturers do not comply with good manufacturing practices (GMP). Multiple devices that are misbranded as able to treat erectile dysfunction are available online, in novelty sex shops and some may even be in drug stores. Some of them are not safe.

Others do not offer the correct pressure and features needed to effectively treat erectile dysfunction. By purchasing these novelty devices (which are essentially just sex toys), the consumer is at risk of injury to themselves and their partner. In addition, these novelty toys may also not produce the expected results in men with erection problems. On the other hand, manufacturers of medical penis pumps are committed to aligning their product with consumer expectations without compromising on safety. This means the user is assured of a certain standard in quality, effectiveness, and safety.

When used correctly, a medical grade penis pump provides erections on demand for up to 30 minutes. These devices are recommended by physicians before and after prostate surgery for penile rehabilitation. They are a noninvasive treatment option if someone does not wish to undergo penile implant surgery.

Some men may wonder – is Viagra safe with high blood pressure? Penis pumps are associated with fewer adverse health risks in men taking high blood pressure medications. They are an effective alternative when oral ED medications such as Viagra and Cialis are not an option.


Medicare no longer covers medical vacuum therapy devices


In 2015, Medicare stopped covering vacuum erection devices. During the past few years, most private insurance carriers have followed the example set by Medicare and phased out insurance coverage for erectile dysfunction pumps. Although unfortunate, this is not different from the coverage of oral ED medications. Drugs for sexual impotence, such as Viagra, have been labeled “lifestyle” drugs and are not covered by Medicare or most private insurance.

Many physicians and men seeking ED solutions are reporting a sharp rise in the availability and visibility of non-medical “sex toys” making medical claims following the decision by Medicare and private insurance companies to discontinue coverage of medical vacuum therapy devices.

Aside from this phenomenon, men with erectile dysfunction must pay out-of-pocket for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Options include oral medications such as Viagra that work by increasing blood flow to the penis. However, these may not be effective or may cause side effects. Also, they can cost up to $50 per pill. 

Penile implant surgery is not only invasive but also expensive, costing up to $20,000. Which means medical penis pumps are the most cost-effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. These devices are less expensive in the long run compared to medications and other treatments. They can be used repeatedly with few recurring costs.


Always buy a medical penis pump from a reputable company


The founders of Augusta Medical Systems spent over 35 years working directly with prescribing physicians, product users, and clinical educators worldwide.  Since 2004 Augusta Medical Systems has offered the discerning customer the very best in vacuum therapy technology.

Our unwavering commitment to quality and continued focus on improving and refining our products has enabled us to maintain a leadership position in the industry. There are several advantages to buying erectile dysfunction pumps from a reputable company like Augusta Medical Systems.

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Do Penis pumps really work?

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Women contemplating the truth about a penis pump


In general, there are usually three types of men who are interested in using a penis pump – men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, men who want to use the device to have a bigger penis, and men who require penile rehabilitation. Penis pumps also called negative pressure or vacuum erection devices, are easily available online and through the medical community. There is a plethora of advertisements for these devices making all sorts of claims. Many manufacturers and distributors promise longer, harder erections and exceptionally satisfied sexual partners. What does a penis pump do? Does it increase the size of the penis? And do penis pumps work? Can they fix erection problems? Let’s find out what the scientific evidence shows.


For more information, check out our “Guide to Penis Pumps“.


Do penis pumps really work?



Yes, penis pumps really work, but the success of the device depends on two factors. First, the user’s expectations and goals, and second, whether the user is willing to spend some time learning how to use a penis pump correctly.

To understand this better, first let’s answer the question: What is the purpose of a penis pump? This is a vacuum device that draws blood into the penis and makes it fully erect. Therefore, its purpose is penile rigidity and a firm erection for up to 30 minutes. The process is quite straightforward. The system is applied over the penis, the pumping mechanism is activated, and once an erection is achieved, a tension ring is placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection. In this way, the penis pump mechanically simulates a natural erection. The entire process takes a mere 2-3 minutes.

Do penis pumps really work? It depends. If the user expects a longer, thicker penis and enhanced sexual relations almost immediately, the device will almost certainly disappoint. On the other hand, if a user wants strong, sustained erections and is willing to practice using the penis pump a few times before sexual intimacy, the results are likely to be excellent. So, how does a penis pump work for penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, and penile rehabilitation after prostate surgery? Read on to find out more.


Do penis pumps work for penis enlargement?


For many men, penis enlargement is a source of great fascination. On average over 60,000 searches are performed each month on the internet using the term “penis enlargement.” This interest may stem from a belief that penis size is linked to satisfying sex partners. It could be a cultural assumption that manhood and virility can be measured by the size of a man’s penis. Advertisements for pumps that increase or enlarge penis size are everywhere. However, the only proven procedure for increasing penis size is surgical. Even surgeries are questionable.

Do penis pumps work for penis enlargement? The answer is no. This is a myth. There is very little scientific evidence to support claims that anything less than surgery can increase the size of a man’s penis. And cosmetic surgery for penis enlargement is not endorsed by any trustworthy doctor or healthcare organization. Using a penis pump has no real benefit in terms of increasing penis size beyond natural limitations. The only application of increasing penis size using a penis pump with scientific merit is related to maintaining penile length following radical prostatectomy surgery or prostate removal. These findings are investigative and cannot be assumed to be a medical claim.

What does a penis pump do to make some men believe it can make their penis longer? These devices draw blood into the organ, making it temporarily erect and larger in size. If you have not had a full erection or only had partial erections before using a penis pump this may impact your perception. Proper use of a medical grade penis pump usually produces full penile engorgement. Men who use the device often comment that their erections are firmer and larger than before using the device. While it is not uncommon for men to claim they experience erections equivalent to those produced in their 20’s or 30’s no scientific studies support this.


Can penis pumps damage your penis?


Debunking common myths about penis pumps is not difficult. Clinical studies support the use of vacuum therapy for ED as both safe and effective. Medical grade penis pumps are one of the most reliable ED treatments available, so how can penis pumps damage your penis?

Misuse and lack of experience with the device can be associated with mild discomfort and temporary bruising.  Because penis pumps are non-invasive, no drugs are ingested, or surgical procedures required so penis pumps are safe.  FDA regulations require medical grade penis pumps to pull no more than 17 inches of mercury (a measurement of vacuum) to prevent men from over pumping which is associated with temporary bruising of the penis.

Due to the vast amount of misinformation around the use of these devices for penis pump enlargement and increasing penis size, a manual safety mechanism is important.  Medical penis pumps help prevent over pumping and bruising.  For this reason and many others, it is important to purchase a medical device.


Do penis pumps work for erectile dysfunction?


A penis pump is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence. Men with this condition are consistently unable to achieve an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. How does a penis pump work in this situation? In healthy men, sexual arousal sets off a chain of events that ultimately results in an erection when blood engorges the penis. By drawing blood into the penis with negative pressure, a vacuum erection device replicates a natural erection. This device works well for men who have erection difficulties due to a variety of reasons, including nerve damage, circulatory problems, and psychological issues.

Penis pumps improve Intimate relationships

Medical studies have found convincing evidence that penis pumps are successful in treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, these devices can work synergistically with medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Clinical evidence suggests that external vacuum devices are safe, well tolerated, and effective for erectile dysfunction. There are reports of more than 90 percent satisfaction with penis pumps in terms of both partner satisfaction and quality of erection (length, girth, and hardness). Vacuum constriction devices are the recommended first-line of treatment for men who cannot use or tolerate pharmacotherapy for ED. In fact, penis pumps are preferred over Viagra by a substantial number of men due to adverse side effects from the medication.

Practice and patience are the two things that are critical for the success of penis pumps for erectile dysfunction. Just like riding a bicycle is easy once you’ve learned how using a penis pump is a simple three-step process once you’ve had a little practice. However, if you are impatient and expect immediate results, it might result in dissatisfaction in the bedroom. Studies show that penis pumps really work for impotence. More than 85 percent of men attain full erection during the first training session. Most men need just one week of practice with the device. However, if normal erectile function has been absent for some length of time, it may take time to recondition the penis to handle the blood flow. Using a penis pump once a day for a couple of weeks should do the trick.


Do penis pumps improve penile health and penile rehabilitation?


In men with healthy erectile function, 3-5 nighttime erections occur during REM sleep every day. This nocturnal penile tumescence brings nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to the flaccid (soft) penis and prevents tissue atrophy. Without this naturally occurring blood flow to the penis through regular erections, there is a risk of tissue damage and penile shrinkage. The purpose of a penis pump in penile rehabilitation is to bring blood and oxygen to the penile tissues and stretch and support the blood vessels to keep them healthy.


Several studies have shown that the consistent use of vacuum systems is beneficial for penile rehabilitation following radical prostatectomy. There is a significant reduction in erectile function following this type of surgery. Patients report that the dedicated use of a penile pump is helpful in attaining successful erections. Penile rehabilitation with a penis pump is achieved through the increased inflow of arterial blood and prevention of hypoxia, fibrosis, and cell death.

In addition to postoperative use, research has shown that vacuum erection therapy for a month prior to a procedure can be beneficial. The use of a VED before implantation of penile prosthesis significantly increases the stretched penis length in the flaccid state. The preoperative use of a penis pump is associated with a smoother and easier surgical procedure due to improved tissue health and better dilatation of the corpora cavernosa.


Achieving the best results from penis pumps


When do penis pumps work best? Here are some tips to achieve great results from a vacuum system:

Philips Norelco Body Groomer
Contour Body Groomer


  • Trim the pubic hair: A tight seal is necessary for the device to create suction and work properly. A smooth surface provides a better grip. Lubricant helps as well.
  • Choose the correct size: An appropriately sized penis pump cylinder ensures a snug fit for better comfort and improved efficacy.
  • Practice, practice, practice: A few sessions of learning to use the penis pump help with adeptness and confidence in the bedroom.
  • Consistent use: Vacuum erectile devices minimize penile shrinkage and promote recovery of erectile function during rehabilitation. Early and consistent use of the penis pump is critical for successful return to sexual activity during recovery from prostate surgery.



Things to consider when purchasing a penis pump


Now that you know penis pumps really work, here are some quick pointers on choosing the best vacuum erection device:

The FDA has approved the penis pump to treat ED

Are you purchasing the device for the right reasons? Penis pumps are effective for erectile dysfunction and penile rehabilitation, but they do not increase penis size or length.

Do you have realistic expectations from the penis pump? Great results come with practice. Expect to spend some time learning to use the device before using it during sexual intimacy. For penile rehabilitation following surgery, consistent use is the key.

Is the penis pump medical grade? Are all penis pumps safe? Yes, if they’re made by a reputed company. Manufacturers of medical grade penis pumps are required to meet certain design and quality standards and undergo inspections by the FDA. If the manufacturer of the VED is not registered with the FDA, this is a red flag as the device may not meet minimum standards. A non-medical-grade penis pump could end up being a waste of money and may even cause damage.



  • Pharmacotherapy: Treatment with medications.
  • REM Sleep: A type of sleep associated with rapid eye movements, dreams, and increased pulse and breathing.
  • Tumescence: State of being swollen.
  • Atrophy: Wasting or degeneration.
  • Radical Prostatectomy: A type of surgery for prostate cancer.
  • Hypoxia: Oxygen deprivation.
  • Fibrosis: Scarring in response to injury.
  • Dilatation: Widening.
  • Corpora Cavernosa: A pair of tubes in the penis that fill with blood during erections.


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How to get an Erection on Command with a Penis Pump

Erection on command

Erection on commandThe physiology of erectile function is not simple. It involves nitric oxide pathways. Nerves and hemodynamics (dynamics of blood flowing) must work together to produce an erection. If you’re a man with normal erectile function, you may wonder how to get an erection on command. The best time for sexual intercourse can occur without a plan or schedule. A man under 30 without ED is not always able to get an erection on command. If you have sexual health challenges or experience erectile dysfunction, it is a more difficult question. How do you achieve an erection on command?

Is timing important when choosing a sexual health aid? What is the quickest way to increase penile blood flow? How do you achieve a harder erection in the least amount of time? Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are popular. Do they work on command or quickly?

Sex Pills for men

Oral medications are a very common treatment for ED. The best sex pills for men are prescription. Prescription medications for sexual health often impact nitric oxide synthesis. As a result of the medical findings around nitric oxide, l-arginine is found in many over the counter supplements.

Usually, over the counter medications are unregulated by the FDA. Many are not safe to use. Others only work for men without erectile dysfunction if they work at all. These are best described as performance enhancement supplements.

Depending on your medical condition, prescription oral ED medications may not work. Half of the prescriptions for oral ED medications are not refilled. This may speak to effectiveness. If you are a man who can take a prescription pill for ED that is great. Even then it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes after taking the medication to produce results. So if you want to create an erection on command, a pill might not do the trick.

Harder Erections

One of the common complaints among viagra users is the low quality of erection produced. Most men must wait 30 minutes to an hour after taking the pill for results. Many men then only experience a semi-erect penis. This is one of the advantages to correct use of a medical grade penis pump. Used properly you can achieve an erection that is your fullest natural erection on command.

How to use a penis pump for erections on command

With a minimum amount of practice, you can create an erection using a penis pump. It only takes 2-3 minutes. As you ingest Viagra and nitric oxide causes smooth muscle tissues in the penis to relax you could have easily created an erection with a penis pump. By the time the drug begins to take effect, you are having sex with a penis pump. The process involves 3 simple steps:


Erectile Dysfunction Pump containing flaccid penis


Apply the system over the penis.





Harder erections


Activate the pumping mechanism. This will draw blood into the penis, causing an erection.





Harder erections


Once the penis is fully engorged, the tension ring is placed at the base of the penis, maintaining the erection.






Penis Exercise

As you learn the process of how to get an erection on demand, penis exercise is possible. Penis exercise is a process prescribed by sexual health physicians. Following prostate surgery, men often lose nighttime erections. These are called nocturnal erections. Nocturnal erections occur 3-5 times per night. They are considered to be associated with penile health.

Creating erections draws oxygen-rich blood flow into penile tissues. The process of blood flowing into a non-erect penis stretches tissues. This prevents tissue atrophy and maintains penile length. You can use a penis pump to mimic nocturnal erections. To use a penis pump for penile health do the following:

  1. Apply the system over the penis.
  2. Activate the pumping mechanism. This will draw blood into the penis, causing an erection.
  3. Release the erection in the cylinder and perform the first and second steps again.

Repeat penis exercises using a penis pump 3-5 times per week. Each session should last for approximately 20-30 minutes. You don’t have to be a prostate cancer survivor to lose nighttime erections. Diabetes and hypertension medications often cause a loss of nocturnal erections. Other medical conditions are associated with the loss of nocturnal erections. Even severe lack of sleep can be associated with this loss.

Repetitive erections keep the penis healthy. This can improve your erections. Harder erections can then become more likely.

Can a penis pump assist with premature ejaculation?

What is premature ejaculation? This is when men are not able to keep an erection without releasing semen. After semen is released the erection is lost. Erectile dysfunction is defined as the lack of ability to achieve an erection and maintain it. Premature ejaculation prevents men from being able to maintain an erection.

When you use a penis pump, a penis ring is placed on the base of the penis. This is what maintains an erection after it is created. When you learn how to use a penis ring you learn how to maintain an erection. You can keep an erection up to 30 minutes with a penis ring in place. In some men, this is a confidence booster. In other men, this is a way to maintain an erection to please a sexual partner.

Penis Pump Results

Over 90% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can achieve an erection with a medical grade penis pump. For best results, you can buy directly from the manufacturer. Augusta Medical Systems is the premier manufacturer of American made vacuum erection devices. No prescription is required. Regardless of non-prescription status, it is important to discuss sexual health issues with your physician. Erectile dysfunction can be the first symptom of an undiagnosed medical condition.

Guide to Penis Pumps

Benefits of using a medical penis pump?

External vacuum erection devices have become easily available for consumers since the FDA no longer requires a prescription from a physician to purchase a penis pump. Originally the device required a prescription when introduced in 1982. Prescription requirements were removed in 1997 when the FDA determined the medical penis pump as safe and highly effective.

Although prescriptions are no longer required, safety and quality issues are addressed by FDA guidelines and enforced by FDA inspectors. A medical device is held to high manufacturing standards. Pumps that are not medical grade may not work properly. They may also pose health risks to users of these products.

Men use erectile dysfunction pumps to avoid health risks or invasive procedures. Some of the benefits of using a medical penis pump may also include:

The treatment is not invasive and offers less adverse health risks compared to other treatments.

  • Oral medications, like Viagra or Cialis, may not be an alternative for men taking high blood pressure medications, for example. Men who are diabetic, prostate cancer survivors, or are taking hypertension medication may use vacuum erection devices everyday as the only effective ED treatment based on their medical condition.
  • Penile injections can leave scar tissue on the penis and be associated with side effects such as curvature of the penis known as Peyronies disease.
  • Surgical penile implants are the most invasive form of treatment option. Surgical Implants are considered effective, but use of an external penis pump is often recommended as a first-line treatment.
  • Shockwave therapy for ED is a popular new treatment to stimulate blood vessels in the shaft of the penis. However, the FDA considers this treatment experimental.

Penis pumps offer better cost-benefit when compared to other treatment options:

  • Surgical penile implants are often as expensive as $15,000 or more for a complex surgical procedure. Shockwave therapy requires multiple in-office treatments and may cost many thousand dollars. None of the treatments mentioned have the proven effectiveness and cost benefits of a medical grade penis pump.

The device may be recommended for penile rehabilitation:

  • Penis exercise is now recognized to have various health and sexual benefits, and medical grade penis pumps may be recommended by urologists for it. Exercise sessions, referred to as penile rehabilitation, following prostate cancer procedures are considered effective ways to prevent shortening of the penis, penile shrinkage, and tissue atrophy.

Penis pumps may be used combined with other ED treatments:

  • Most other treatments for erectile dysfunction can be improved by incorporating a penis pump to maintain an erection or increase fullness of the erection for sexual intercourse.

Types of penis pumps

You have decided to purchase a penis pump and now you need to decide what type of device is right for you. What is the difference between a water penis pump and an air pump? How would an electric penis pump be useful compared to a hand pump? Why do some of these products seem expensive and some cheap?

  • Water Penis Pump: Water penis pumps are not known as medical devices that follow FDA guidance documents as Class II penile rigidity devices. Water penis pumps use water rather than air. As they are designed to be used in water, they are better suited for use in the bathtub or shower than the bedroom. They are not commonly used for creating erections for sexual intercourse.
  • Manual Penis Pump: Manual penis pumps use a manual operated pumping device that is connected to the cylinder. Manual penis pumps are the most commonly used devices.
  • Electric Penis Pump: Electric penis pumps are a very common option. These devices are very effective for men who have arthritis or any issue that impairs the use of hands. Preference may also be a factor in choosing an electric pump over one operated manually. Otherwise, there is no real difference in the effectiveness of an electric penis pump.

FDA-registered products that meet quality and design standards are more effective and often have a higher price point.

Penis pump effectiveness depends upon your choice of device and initial willingness to experiment with options in accessories.

  • Multiple cylinder-sizing options take into consideration natural differences in penis size. Determine if multiple cylinder sizes are available for the device you are considering.
  • Tension systems, also known as constriction devices, are necessary to maintain a fully formed erection. Various designs, materials, and sizes of constriction rings are important to make sure the best combination of comfort and tension is achieved in erection maintenance.

In addition, beware of male enhancement products that make misleading claims. Penis enlargement is a claim often used out of context. A vacuum erection device that creates an erection will enlarge the penis from a flaccid to erect state. This is a reasonable expectation. No device is cleared by the FDA to enlarge an erection beyond its fullest natural state. These types of claims are not supported by FDA-approved clinical studies. Products labeled in this way are likely novelty products or non-medical sex toys that can lead to physical harm due to over-pumping.

Research the variety of devices and types of accessory items before making a buying decision.

How to use a penis pump

For best results with a penis pump, preparation is key and will allow you to create a full natural erection in 2-3 minutes. What type of preparation is necessary to have the best results?

  1. Make a commitment to yourself and to your partner to spend the time necessary to familiarize yourself with the device and the process of applying it before use for sexual intercourse. For men who have been unable to achieve an erection for multiple years this can be a two-week commitment to reconditioning blood vessels in the penis to handle blood. In other instances, several days or a number of practice sessions could be all that it takes to master the process.
  2. Trim pubic hair. Pubic hair potentially forms a barrier to creating a seal between the body and the device, which is necessary for creating a vacuum.
  3. Practice the process of applying just enough lubricant between the device and the body to create a seal. Also, the appropriate amount of lubricant inside the cylinder-opening and upon the head of the penis (glans penis) is basic, but makes all the difference once perfected.
  4. Learn which cylinder selection allows for the most efficient creation of the erection while comfortably fitting the fully-engorged erection.
  5. Tension systems, constriction devices, or penis rings, come in various sizes, designs, and are often made from different materials. The penis pump comes with several tension systems designed to be placed on the base of the fully erect penis to maintain the erection. Expect to experiment with various penis rings to find the best fit. Not every man is the same, and the seller should offer various options.

Now that expectations have been established, and you have gone through the preparation steps, using a penis pump is simple:

vacuum erection device vacuum erection device vacuum erection device
  1. Apply the system over the penis.
  1. Activate the pumping mechanism. This will draw blood into the penis, causing an erection.
  1. Once the penis is fully engorged, the tension ring is placed at the base of the penis, maintaining the erection.

Watch this video for clear instructions on how to use a penis pump:

Insurance Coverage

Medicare discontinued covering all external penis pumps in 2015. Most private insurance carriers have followed the course set by Medicare and during the past several years have phased out insurance coverage for any erectile dysfunction pumps.

Despite the lack of insurance coverage, the erectile dysfunction pump is the most cost-effective form of ED treatment. Insurance seldom, if ever, covers the cost of other ED treatments. Of all the effective sexual-health solutions available for erectile dysfunction, none is as inexpensive and effective as a medical grade penis pump.

Augusta Medical System – SomaTherapy Products

Urologists and sexual-health physicians in the United States and around the globe prescribe, refer, or recommend medical grade penis pumps manufactured by Augusta Medical Systems. Technical advancements and superior design are the hallmark of each Soma Therapy-EDä vacuum erection device.

Consumers trust products from Augusta Medical Systems for many reasons, including the fact that the company is the only one of its kind to offer a lifetime warranty on its penis pumps.

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Are Penis Pumps Safe?

Medical penis pumps

Medical Grade vacuum penis pumps are safe

Medical grade penis pumps are one of the most reliable and effective treatments available for erectile dysfunction.  When the FDA designated vacuum therapy as a class II medical device in 1982, then requiring a prescription from a physician to dispense the treatment, there was a little clinical experience to draw from.  The agency, as well as physicians and men considering the treatment, wanted to know in addition to effectiveness, are penis pumps dangerous? Are penis pumps Safe?

For more information, check out our “Guide to Penis Pumps“.

Can using a penis pump have any consequences on my health?


Medical penis pumps


With many years of clinical experience and over 800 published clinical studies in place, penis pumps are considered by many of the furthermost respected urologist and sexual health practitioners as not only the safest but one of the most reliable treatments for ED.  Most of the health consequences from using  Soma Therapy-ED are extremely positive! Positive results include, but are not limited to the following:


Penis Pump Side Effects


Side effects that occur from using a penis pump are usually negligible, mild or in many cases result from improper use of the device.  Risks to health have been recognized by the FDA and design features have been identified to minimize these risks.  This is one of the primary reasons to use a medical penis pump rather than a novelty device.   The following design features are recommended by the FDA to minimize the potential risk of injury to the user.



Design features for a Penis Pump


Manual Safety Mechanism – A vacuum device should include a manually operated mechanism to quickly release the vacuum pressure. The design should not include design features for extended continuous use.

Vacuum Level- Vacuum pumps typically draw a vacuum of fewer than 17 inches of mercury.  If the vacuum range of a new device differs substantially for that specification, manufacturers should conduct studies to establish the acceptability of the vacuum drawn by their device.  The manufacturer should perform tests to verify the maximum vacuum level. The device should include an automatic safety valve to limit vacuum pressure to safe levels.

Shape and Surface Design- Vacuum pumps should have smooth surfaces and shapes.  Vacuum pumps should not include design features that promote extended application and use of the device beyond the limited time needed to draw a vacuum and to create an erection.

Electrical Safety – An electrically powered vacuum device should have adequate electrical isolation between the user and the power source of the device. The device leakage current should not exceed a safe limit according to the standard IEC 60601 1, Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 1: General Requirements for Safety (General).


Design Features for Constriction Rings


Manual Safety Release Mechanism – The device should have a simple and quick method to manually release the device. Quick release mechanisms for constrictive devices should include a sufficiently wide tab, handle, loop, or other means for the user to eliminate continued application of constrictive pressure and remove the device. The design should not include design features for extended continuous use.

Pliable Materials – The materials used in constriction rings should minimize the potential for injury to the user or partner by using soft and pliable materials. The materials used should not cause adverse tissue reaction with respect to cytotoxicity, sensitization, or irritation. 

Shape and Surface Design – Constriction rings should include a smooth shape and surface design to minimize protrusions and pressure points to the user and partner. Constriction rings should avoid design features that promote the use of the device beyond 30 minutes.


Are Penis Pumps Harmful?


The following warnings should be considered before using a penis pump:

  • stop using the vacuum pump if you experience any pain.
  • do not use under the influence of alcohol or drugs, since such use may impair the user’s judgment and increase the risk of injury to the penis.
  • do not use if the user has sickle cell disease, has a history of prolonged erections, or is taking large quantities of aspirin or other blood thinners, as these conditions increase the risk of bruising and hematoma.
  • misuse of the vacuum pump could injure the penis.  Attempting to apply excess vacuum for the purposes of penis enlargement is an example of misuse.


Best Penis Pump Results 


In order to handle the most common issues that can be easily overcome with practice and technique speak with an Augusta Medical Systems technical trainer and/or consider the following:


No erection


Likely cause – No vacuum because of air leak caused by poor seal.

Remedy– Use more lubricant; apply firm pressure to the body; trim pubic hair; check device for air leaks.

Comments – Problem is most often associated with inexperience; it resolves as you become more adept at using the device.


Partial erection


Likely cause – Incorrect cylinder size; incorrect insert or seal ring size; not enough practice sessions.

Remedy – More practice using the device; use a larger cylinder insert.

Comments – Problem most often improves with continued use of the device.


Rapid loss of erection


Likely cause – Vacuum lost because of air leak from faulty equipment, poor seal, inadequate lubrication, or excessive pubic hair.

Remedy – Same as for “No erection.” Also: use smaller cylinder insert; use smaller or double tension rings; remove tension band carefully.

Comments – Requires that you experiment with varying sizes of seal rings, inserts, and tension bands.


Delayed loss of erection


Likely cause – Insufficient tension from bands or rings.

Remedy – Use smaller or combination of tension rings or bands; use the two-step application method (call Augusta Medical Systems customer support about this)

Comments – Requires that you experiment with various tension bands.


Pulling of the skin of the scrotum


Likely cause – Lubricant on scrotum; improper pumping technique; too large insert or seal ring; inexperience with the system.

Remedy – Remove lubricant from scrotum; use a smaller insert or seal ring; use the modified pumping technique; continue with practice sessions; angle cylinder
downward during pumping.

Comments – Problem should disappear as you become more adept at using the device.


Discomfort during pumping


Likely cause – Too rapid pumping; pulling of scrotal tissue.

Remedy – Slower pumping; continue to use the device.

Comments – Problem usually resolves as you become more adept at using the device.


Discomfort from tension ring


Likely cause – Tension ring too small; Anxiety.

Remedy – Use a larger tension ring; continue to use the device.

Comments – Problem usually resolves as you continue to use the device.


Discomfort during intercourse


Likely cause – Inadequate lubrication; pressure on a sensitive area.

Remedy – More lubrication; position changes.

Comments – Problem may disappear as you become more adept at using the device.


Discomfort during ejaculation


Likely cause – Long period of abstinence; infection or inflammation of the prostate gland.

Remedy – Continue to use the device.

Comments – Problem usually resolves as you become more adept at using the device.


Redness, irritation, or bruising


Likely cause – Too rapid pumping; overpumping.

Remedy – Slower pumping; fewer pumps.

Comments – Consult your physician if this problem persists past the first few practice sessions.


Penis feels cold (to you or your partner)


Likely cause – Constriction of blood flow to the penis; lubrication.

Remedy – Wash off lubricant or warm lubricant before use.

Comments – Consider trying Zestra.


Why purchase from Augusta Medical Systems?


Augusta Medical Systems products have been prescribed widely by physicians around the world.  you can now buy directly from the manufacturer without a prescription! Don’t settle for less, buy the best!

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What are the benefits of an Electric Penis Pump?

electric penis pump

electric penis pump

The term “electric penis pump” has an illuminating quality.  Expressions such as electric billboard or electric lightbulb might elicit a more rational use of a multi-word term starting with the word “electric” in most of our minds. 

So, an electric penis pump sounds as if it could be a sci-fi creation or perhaps a bionic penile implant.  The truth is not quite as mysterious, so what are the benefits of an electric penis pump?  What is an electric penis pump?

For more information, check out our “Guide to Penis Pumps“.

Using a penis pump


A penis pump is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Using a penis pump is a simple process which requires creating negative pressure or vacuum in a cylinder placed around your penis. 

The pressure must drop in the cylinder which pulls blood flow from the body into your flaccid penis to fill the void left as negative pressure is removed from the cylinder by the pumping mechanism. Blood flow created in a vacuum within a cylinder is what creates penile rigidity and increases penis size.  In order to draw air out of the cylinder, a pumping mechanism is required.  


Electric penis pump


AMS Battery Negative Pressure Device

The term electric penis pump refers to the pumping mechanism attached to the cylinder.  For the Augusta Medical Systems product line, as well as others, the electric penis pump is simply a battery-operated device activated by a button.

The vacuum head is attached to the cylinder and the battery-operated vacuum head pulls air from the cylinder when the button is pushed. It is simple to use and effective.




Manual penis pump


AMS Manual Negative Pressure Device

A manual penis pump is a vacuum head that is activated via a lever that must be squeezed or a push-pull activity that requires some motion to activate the vacuum pump.  Augusta Medical systems has created a technology known as the ultra-ease™ mechanism for the manual penis pump. 

The ultra-ease mechanism works within the lever and ensures that as vacuum pressure is created in the cylinder the amount of force exerted on the lever does not change or need to be increased. 

Other manual vacuum therapy devices require additional force as negative pressure builds up in the cylinder.  One finger is all that it takes to operate the vacuum pump, making Soma Therapy very simply exceptional to use compared to other vacuum penis pumps.


Electric penis pumps advantages


The original battery-operated penis pumps were created for very specific men with very unique needs.  Men who have arthritis or some other medical condition which makes use of the hands difficult find the battery-operated device easier to use.  Spinal cord patients frequently use vacuum therapy to treat erectile dysfunction and often these men and their partners find the electric penis pump advantageous.

Others like the simplicity and convenience of high-quality products that are simple to use and gravitate to using the battery operated or electric penis pump. Often preference dictates the decision to use the powered vacuum head.

Electric or battery-operated devices have become very popular and men without the medical conditions for which these products were designed, buy and use them every day. As a matter of fact, Augusta Medical Systems is the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty option for battery operated devices at the time of this article.  The high quality and superior design of Augusta Medical Systems products allows for this option. 


Electric penis pump disadvantages


The electrical or battery-operated penis pump is typically an added expense.  This is still minimal compared to other treatment options but a consideration nonetheless.  Men who have used both the manual and battery-operated vacuum head seem to have a common opinion after comparing one to the other.

Men tend to feel that using the manual device allows them more control over the process of creating an erection. Part art and simple science, the Ultra Easemechanism combined with practice is a great substitute for the battery-operated device. For many men who choose our manual device over a battery-operated, the Ultra Easemechanism is the reason why.


Penis enlargement pumps


Electric penis enlargement pumps seem to be a very popular online adult novelty product.  Many seem to tout high-powered battery operated electrical pump heads as superior products.  It is very important to greet these claims and advertisements with extreme skepticism.

Not only unproven and without any real evidence that penis size is permanently enhanced using a penis pump, pulling excessive vacuum is known to rupture or harm blood vessels in the penis. The FDA has sanctioned no approved claim for penis enlargement using a penis pump.


Medical Grade Vacuum Device


Medical Grade vacuum device


Design features specified by the FDA are very precise around the recommended amount of vacuum that can be pulled safely using a vacuum pump.  17 inches of mercury is the maximum vacuum considered safe. This is not for extended use either. This is an important reason to stay away from electric penis enlargement pumps.


Risks to health when men attempt to apply vacuum pressure to the penis for permanent male enhancement or penile enlargement as specified in Class II Special Controls Document issued on December 28, 2004, may include bruising or rupturing of blood vessels within the penis or scrotum, resulting in petechiae, hemorrhage, or the formation of a hematoma.


Penis size


Many reports of permanent penis enlargement using a penis pump can be easily explained.  Men who post comments on blogs or post testimonials attesting to permanent increases in size may have experience penile rehabilitation and a return to full erectile capacity rather than permanent penile enlargement.  It is well documented that the absence of regular erections can result in penile atrophy, programmed cell death and loss of penile length.  The regular creation of erections using a penis pump is thought to rehabilitation tissues and restore penile health and return full penile rigidity.  This is not penile enlargement but possibly penile rehabilitation.  Erections create penile health.



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Shockwave therapy for ED

Shockwave therapy for ED

Shockwave therapy for ED


Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is the latest modern medicine in-office procedure available to treat erectile dysfunction.  At the time of this article, Gainswave has in-office providers in at least 30 states around the country. It’s not just Urologists who are providing this treatment.  Chiropractors, Internists, Endocrinologists, and medical spas are treating erectile dysfunction using extracorporeal shock wave therapy.


For more information, check out our “Guide to Erectile Dysfunction“.


Extracorporeal shockwave therapy


What is extracorporeal shockwave therapy?  What types of conditions besides erectile dysfunction are treated using this technique?  How does the FDA view the treatment of ED using extracorporeal shockwave therapy?  How effective is this type of treatment?  What is the cost?


Shockwave therapy


shock wave therapy machineShockwave therapy uses acoustic waves which are created by an external device. The energy created by the waves stimulates tissues and encourages rejuvenation. 

The types of tissues that many physicians claim can benefit from extracorporeal shockwave therapy are tendons, soft tissues as well as bones or skeletal structures in the body.


Shockwave therapy machine


There is a multitude of various shockwave therapy machines and treatments available.  Prices on consumer models start at $40.00 for simple models to professional grade machines that claim to treat erectile dysfunction for several thousand dollars.

There are a variety of medical grade and non-medical devices available.  The FDA designates extracorporeal shockwave therapy machines as class II devices.  Most medical devices are class II devices, common examples include powered wheelchairs and penis pumps. 43% of medical devices fall under the class II category.


Shockwave treatment


Shockwave therapy also known as (ESWT) extracorporeal shockwave therapy has many applications.  Most are related to the treatment of pain, physical therapy or orthopedics. The following are just some of the known uses and conditions treated:


Shockwave therapy for ED


Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is not approved to treat erectile dysfunction by the FDA.  Many notable sexual health thought leaders such as Dr. Arthur L. Burnett, professor of urology at John Hopkins University school of medicine and Dr. Irwin Goldstein, director of San Diego Sexual Medicine have been optimistic and outspoken regarding the future potential of shockwave therapy for ED.

As of the time of this article, clinical trials for shockwave therapy have produced encouraging results.  However, shockwave therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is still considered experimental.  Treatment of erectile dysfunction using shockwave therapy for ED is an off-label use and making claims that it can treat erectile dysfunction as well as promoting shockwave therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction could be tricky.


Peyronie’s Disease


Peyronie’s disease is penile curvature that is characterized by fibrous scar tissue.  One might deduct that if shockwave therapy can be used to break up kidney stones that it could be used to break up plaque and fibrous scar tissue in the penis of a man who suffers from Peyronie’s disease.  Shockwave Lithotripsy is one of the most common treatments for kidney stones, so why not shock waves to treat peyronie’s disease? Fibrous scar tissue and kidney stones are thought in many cases to consist of calcium.

Gainswave claims on its website that shockwave therapy has been shown to be an effective procedure to break down the scar tissue and reduce the curvature of the penis for someone suffering from typical peyronie’s disease. The logic is there.  However, clinical studies have produced contradictory findings.

A 2015 clinical study concluded that in a carefully selected group of men with Peyronie’s disease that low-intensity shock wave therapy appears to be safe, has moderate efficacy, and is associated with a high patient satisfaction rate in the short term.

These results are substantially different from a 2004 source which concluded the following:

“In theory, it might appear plausible to break up plaques of the tunica albuginea (in the penis) with shockwaves.  Thus far sound experimental evidence and explanation of the shockwave’s impact and effect on fibrous or even calcified plaque of the tunica albuginea of the corpus cavernosum is still missing.”


Gainswave therapy reviews


Discussion forums and blogs don’t seem to be quite as optimistic about the results of shockwave therapy for ED as does the Gainswave testimonials from their own website.  Experienced and critical sexual health professionals are quick to dismiss testimonials from younger healthy men who don’t have a medical condition in which ED is secondary.  Creating performance enhancement and treating erectile dysfunction are often confused with each other and are not in fact one in the same.


Shockwave therapy for ED cost


According to an August 2017 article published in the Urology times, Dr. Harold Reed reported that shockwave therapy for ED can cost as much as $ 19,000.00 if the patient must return many times for follow up treatments. He also does not believe that Shockwave therapy is a cure for erectile dysfunction as some claim. Gainswave cost $ 500.00 per treatment with a recommendation of a 6 to 12 office visits in a treatment protocol. This places the basic treatment package between $ 3,000.00 to $ 6,000.00. 


How to increase blood flow to the penis


Shockwave therapy is based on the notion of using shock waves to impact blood vessels in the penis that are lacking in blood flow.  Nothing creates more blood flow to the penis than the process of creating and releasing erections.  A vacuum erection device can be used to create and release multiple erections in one therapeutic session. 

The FDA has cleared the use of a penis pump for penile rehabilitation to rehabilitate penile tissues.  This is a much stronger medical claim than shockwave therapy and you can purchase directly from the manufacturer without repetitive office visits for under $ 200.00!




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How does a penis pump work better than prescription sex pills?

Sex Pills Viagra

Sex pillsPrescription medications are practically an essential part of modern life.  According to available statistics people in the United States spent 360.1 Billion dollars on prescription drugs in 2017.  Our familiarity with pill taking is so ingrained in our collective and individual behavior, that taking medications is not second nature, it is our first nature.

For more information, check out our “Guide to Penis Pumps“.

We intuitively turn to medications to provide, if not the best, the primary or easiest solution to most medical issues. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 76.2 % of office visits to physicians in 2016 involved drug therapy. We are a society of pill takers.

Furthermore, the relationship between pill taking and sex is especially significant for baby-boomers.

When baby-boomers championed social change, individual freedoms and launched the sexual revolution in the 1960’s, campaigns by people like Estelle Griswold went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where on June 7, 1965, it was ruled that under the First Amendment, it was not the business of the government to dictate the usage of contraception by married couples.

Personal and sexual freedoms were built largely around a medication that empowered women to separate having sex from childbirth, the pill. Birth control medications have given women control of their bodies and destinies.

 Sex Pills ViagraAs baby boomers began to age and were told in masses to “remember the good years” and accept erectile dysfunction or impotence as a normal part of aging, the promise of renewed youth and a second sexual revolution began. Pfizer sold one billion dollars-worth of Viagra its first year on the market. 

Once again, the generation that made individual and sexual freedom its mantra had another tool to navigate their sexual future and take control of their quality of life.

Is it any wonder that prescribing physicians and men seeking to reclaim the loss of their sexual life look to prescription sex pills as the first step treatment for erectile dysfunction? Are ED medications truly the best way to treat erectile dysfunction? So how does a penis pump work better than ED medications? Does familiarity with pills equal the effectiveness of a device?

What parameters can be used to compare prescription sex pills to a penis pump? What aspects of medical interventions are important to the couples who use them and live with the results of their choice in erectile dysfunction treatment.

ED solutions can be considered by how they fit into the following categories:


Spontaneous Sex


For the purpose of our comparison, spontaneous sex means the amount of premeditation and planning necessary to engage in sexual intercourse compared to the instantaneous following of a natural tendency.


Viagra becomes effective about 30 minutes after taking it, you then can achieve an erection during a 2 to 3 hour window before it wears off. Levitra becomes effective in also 30 minutes and will leave your system in around 5 hours. Cialis likewise will take effect in 30 minutes but can remain in the system for up to 36 hours. According to Mist Pharmaceuticals, LLC who supplies  Stendra it can start doing its thing in as little as 15 minutes, and its effects last up to 6 hours.


Assuming you have learned to use a penis pump and the desire for sex is in close proximity to your device, you can achieve a full erection 2-3 minutes after spending 3-5 minutes retrieving it from storage.  It could require as little as 5-10 minutes to become intimate following an unplanned natural tendency or impulse for sexual intimacy.


It might be said that couples who are married or cohabitate tend to engage in sexual activity in their home. In these cases, a penis pump could be more spontaneous than oral ED medications. This definition of spontaneity is solely based on an urge for unplanned sexual intimacy and the time necessary to consummate the desire. 


For singles who are planning to spend windows of time together as couples, the opposite could be said to be true, so long as they have planned to have sexual intimacy well in advance.


You will have to answer the question of how planning is related to spontaneity based on your own definition and lifestyle.




Oral ED medications are made up of various pharmaceuticals and other ingredients.  When an oral medication is ingested, the total body is affected by the ingested drug.  This is because what is ingested orally enters into the circulatory system.  This is called systemic administration.


Penis pumps are non-invasive or external. No pills, no needles, no surgery means that no foreign substances enter the bloodstream or circulate through the body when using a penis pump.  In terms of penis blood flow, external vacuum pressure is used to facilitate penile engorgement.  No medical intervention compares to this natural method of how to increase blood flow to the penis.




Certain men do not achieve erections from prescription sex pills.  Often an underlying medical condition might preclude a man from effectively using Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.  According to Michael Castleman M.A.  who has reviewed 14 studies involving 18,337 men, success rates of prescription sex pills are around 50%.


Few men over 50 have tried erection drugs and only half refill prescriptions.  So, while manufacturers claim 70% of men see improvements in prescription sex pills, refill rates don’t support the claim.


ED medications do not always behave in the same manner each time you take them. They make take longer to be effective if you have eaten a large meal. Another factor that impacts predictability is the natural build-up of tolerance to medications over time.  Viagra tolerance, occurs when the body builds up a tolerance to the drug.  Often in these cases, higher dosages of the ED medication must be administered to achieve the same results. 


A clinical study published in the Journal of Urology suggests that higher dosages taken as drug tolerance builds may increase the probability of priapism, or a prolonged erection that is persistent and painful.


Once you spend a little time training yourself to properly use a penis pump, the results are easy to replicate with a high level of consistency. The results do not change based on your food intake.  There is no drug tolerance, so the effects will not change, lessen or quit working overtime.


The results with a penis pump are extremely predictable!




The primary reason that the penis pump is considered the preferred method of penile rehabilitation and used in restoring natural erectile function, is control.  For men who have undergone prostate cancer or are recovering from a radical prostatectomy, it is the amount of control a penis pump has over erectile function.


The ability to create and release erections on demand makes the penis pump the medical intervention that gives men more control over erectile function than any ED medication. 


Once a man has made a decision to ingest an oral ED medication he hopes he is able to control whether or not his partner remains interested in sexual intercourse.  He can control whether or not to answer the door if there is a knock or pick up a ringing phone.  But otherwise, he has lost control of most aspects of when, if, or how the drug will work.




The cost of Soma Therapy-ED when purchased directly from the manufacturer starts at $ 199.00.  You might spend an additional $ 75-100 for tension systems and lubricant over the course of a year with regular and consistent use.


Prescription oral medications vary in a range of costs. Insurance no longer covers the cost of prescription oral ED medications and according to CBS News, the average cost is $ 50.00 per pill.  A 40-year study that surveyed more than 30,000 Americans, found in 2015 that couples who have sex once a week are the happiest.


Based on having sex once a week the cost of a penis pump is covered in one month of pill taking. A couple using an oral ED medication can spend $ 2,600.00 a year. This is considerably more expensive than a couple of hundred dollars, especially if you are on a fixed income.


A penis pump is much more affordable than any other effective ED treatment!


Physician/Rx requirements


  • Oral medications require a visit with your physician and obtaining a prescription.


  • Medical grade penis pumps are available without a prescription and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
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Why Penis Pumps Are Regaining Popularity in Treating ED

Why the Penis Pump Is Regaining Popularity in treating ED


Vacuum Erection Device


Vacuum erection devices were approved by the FDA in 1982, for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction when Geddings Osbon received marketing approval and popularized the treatment.  When ED medications were launched in 1998, penis pumps were sometimes overlooked in modern urological practices as merely a second-line treatment when oral medications failed.

In more recent years, clinical studies have supported the resurgence of the vacuum erection device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


How Does a Penis Pump Work?


92 percent of 1,517 users achieved an erection satisfactory for intercourse during early clinical studies for the original FDA-approved device. 


tower representing what the medical penis pump faced in the medical communityPrior to the release of Viagra, there existed well-documented studies that substantiated use of a penis pump to augment partial erections in men using penile injections without success until the vacuum erection device was added to the treatment protocol.


When Viagra was released and numerous men reported partial erections, vacuum erection devices proved effective in improving erectile function when added to the treatment protocol of men achieving incomplete or partial erections using oral ED medications.



External Penile Pump Improves Results in Surgical Penile Implants


In 1973, the first surgical penile implant was performed by Scott and Bradley. 40 years later, clinical studies emerged citing the effectiveness of using a vacuum erection device to increase the size of surgical implants by using a preoperative therapeutic protocol.


Men suffering from penile fibrosis, which is severe ED, are successfully able to utilize a surgical penile implant following a vacuum therapy protocol in order to stretch flaccid penile length. This January 2017 clinical study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine featured the work of corresponding author Laurence A. Levine, MD., former president of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.


Sexual Medicine Society of North America Owl


Nocturnal Penile Tumescence and the Penis Pump


Nocturnal penile tumescence is a spontaneous erection of the penis during sleep or when waking up.  Nocturnal erections increase blood flow to the penis and are the cornerstone of penile health.   The penis pump is highly regarded as a very effective therapeutic method to mimic nocturnal erections. This ability is why the vacuum erection device is the treatment of choice for penile rehabilitation.


Dr. Run Wang published a clinical study titled “The science of vacuum erectile device in penile rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy” in Translational Andrology and Urology. The conclusions of the study are as follows:

“…Current clinical evidence supports the safety, tolerability, effectiveness and benefits of early VED therapy after RP. The available basic scientific evidences demonstrate that VED therapy for penile rehabilitation is achieved by increasing arterial inflow, anti-apoptotic, anti-fibrotic and anti-hypoxia mechanisms.”


In layman’s terms, this means that use of a penis pump to create penile rigidity increases blood flow, prevents fibrosis (the thickening and scarring of connective tissues, and prevents penile shrinkage.


RJ, Bosshardt published “Objective measurement of the effectiveness, therapeutic success and dynamic mechanisms of the vacuum device.” His study, published in the British Journal of Urology, takes the therapeutic claims around the penis pump one step further, with a stronger statement.  He concludes; 

The efficacy of the vacuum device was objectively determined and the quality of the nocturnal erections improved in some patients.”


Woman thinking about the benefits of using a penis pump for erectile dysfunction


Why Use a Penis Pump?


The Mayo Clinic published a decisive list regarding why a penis pump is a good choice.  Penis pumps can be a good erectile dysfunction treatment for several reasons:


  • Penis pumps are effective.With practice and correct use, the majority of men can achieve an erection sufficient for sex.


  • Penis pumps pose less of a risk than do other treatments.The risk of side effects or complications is lower than with any other erectile dysfunction treatment.


  • The overall cost is lower.After the initial purchase, using a penis pump costs less than any other erectile dysfunction treatment.


  • Penis pumps are noninvasive.They don’t require surgery, inserting medication into the tip of your penis or penile injections.


  • Penis pumps can be used with other treatments.A penis pump can be used along with medications or a penile implant. For some men, a combination of erectile dysfunction treatments works best.


  • Using a penis pump might help you regain erectile function after certain procedures.For example, using a penis pump might help restore your ability to achieve a natural erection following prostate surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer.


Learn more about how to properly use a penis pump


Medical Penis Pump


Medical seal of approval



Results of clinical research and medical findings are based on the utilization of medical-grade penis pumps. As insurance companies, Medicare and private carriers discontinue coverage, many novelty products are easily available on the Internet.  Non-medical products may make claims that are medical, so be doubly sure to do your homework prior to purchasing!



How To Determine Whether A Penis Pump You Are Considering Is Medical Grade?


The Medical Device Network publishes a list of medical device manufacturers that are registered with the FDA.  If you are considering purchasing a penis pump, you can click on the Medical Device Network link above to verify whether or not the device you are considering is registered with the FDA.  As insurance companies, Medicare and private carriers discontinue coverage, many novelty products are easily available on the Internet.  


Why Is It Important To Purchase A Medical Penis Pump?


  1. An FDA-registered manufacturer of a vacuum erection device must follow (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices.
  2. As a manufacturer following Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality Assurance Programs and Quality Testing determine how these ED Pumps are produced and ensure high quality standards and safety for the men and women who utilize these products.
  3. The FDA routinely inspects these manufacturers in order to ensure compliance with the regulations and to guarantee that adequate labeling and high safety standards are met at all times.


Purchase SomaTherapy-ED


Soma Therapy ED Vacuum penis pump system

Without a prescription purchase now, directly from the manufacturer!