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Are Penis Pumps Safe?

Medical penis pumps

Medical Grade vacuum penis pumps are safe

Medical grade penis pumps are one of the most reliable and effective treatments available for erectile dysfunction.  When the FDA designated vacuum therapy as a class II medical device in 1982, then requiring a prescription from a physician to dispense the treatment, there was a little clinical experience to draw from.  The agency, as well as physicians and men considering the treatment, wanted to know in addition to effectiveness, are penis pumps dangerous? Are penis pumps Safe?

For more information, check out our “Guide to Penis Pumps“.

Can using a penis pump have any consequences on my health?

Medical penis pumps

With many years of clinical experience and over 800 published clinical studies in place, penis pumps are considered by many of the furthermost respected urologist and sexual health practitioners as not only the safest but one of the most reliable treatments for ED.  Most of the health consequences from using  Soma Therapy-ED are extremely positive! Positive results include, but are not limited to the following:

Penis Pump Side Effects

Side effects that occur from using a penis pump are usually negligible, mild or in many cases result from improper use of the device.  Risks to health have been recognized by the FDA and design features have been identified to minimize these risks.  This is one of the primary reasons to use a medical penis pump rather than a novelty device.   The following design features are recommended by the FDA to minimize the potential risk of injury to the user.

Design features for a Penis Pump

Manual Safety Mechanism – A vacuum device should include a manually operated mechanism to quickly release the vacuum pressure. The design should not include design features for extended continuous use.

Vacuum Level- Vacuum pumps typically draw a vacuum of fewer than 17 inches of mercury.  If the vacuum range of a new device differs substantially for that specification, manufacturers should conduct studies to establish the acceptability of the vacuum drawn by their device.  The manufacturer should perform tests to verify the maximum vacuum level. The device should include an automatic safety valve to limit vacuum pressure to safe levels.

Shape and Surface Design- Vacuum pumps should have smooth surfaces and shapes.  Vacuum pumps should not include design features that promote extended application and use of the device beyond the limited time needed to draw a vacuum and to create an erection.

Electrical Safety – An electrically powered vacuum device should have adequate electrical isolation between the user and the power source of the device. The device leakage current should not exceed a safe limit according to the standard IEC 60601 1, Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 1: General Requirements for Safety (General).

Design Features for Constriction Rings

Manual Safety Release Mechanism – The device should have a simple and quick method to manually release the device. Quick release mechanisms for constrictive devices should include a sufficiently wide tab, handle, loop, or other means for the user to eliminate continued application of constrictive pressure and remove the device. The design should not include design features for extended continuous use.

Pliable Materials – The materials used in constriction rings should minimize the potential for injury to the user or partner by using soft and pliable materials. The materials used should not cause adverse tissue reaction with respect to cytotoxicity, sensitization, or irritation. 

Shape and Surface Design – Constriction rings should include a smooth shape and surface design to minimize protrusions and pressure points to the user and partner. Constriction rings should avoid design features that promote the use of the device beyond 30 minutes.

Are Penis Pumps Harmful?

The following warnings should be considered before using a penis pump:

  • stop using the vacuum pump if you experience any pain.
  • do not use under the influence of alcohol or drugs, since such use may impair the user’s judgment and increase the risk of injury to the penis.
  • do not use if the user has sickle cell disease, has a history of prolonged erections, or is taking large quantities of aspirin or other blood thinners, as these conditions increase the risk of bruising and hematoma.
  • misuse of the vacuum pump could injure the penis.  Attempting to apply excess vacuum for the purposes of penis enlargement is an example of misuse.

Best Penis Pump Results 

In order to handle the most common issues that can be easily overcome with practice and technique speak with an Augusta Medical Systems technical trainer and/or consider the following:

No erection

Likely cause – No vacuum because of air leak caused by poor seal.

Remedy– Use more lubricant; apply firm pressure to the body; trim pubic hair; check device for air leaks.

Comments – Problem is most often associated with inexperience; it resolves as you become more adept at using the device.

Partial erection

Likely cause – Incorrect cylinder size; incorrect insert or seal ring size; not enough practice sessions.

Remedy – More practice using the device; use a larger cylinder insert.

Comments – Problem most often improves with continued use of the device.

Rapid loss of erection

Likely cause – Vacuum lost because of air leak from faulty equipment, poor seal, inadequate lubrication, or excessive pubic hair.

Remedy – Same as for “No erection.” Also: use smaller cylinder insert; use smaller or double tension rings; remove tension band carefully.

Comments – Requires that you experiment with varying sizes of seal rings, inserts, and tension bands.

Delayed loss of erection

Likely cause – Insufficient tension from bands or rings.

Remedy – Use smaller or combination of tension rings or bands; use the two-step application method (call Augusta Medical Systems customer support about this)

Comments – Requires that you experiment with various tension bands.

Pulling of the skin of the scrotum

Likely cause – Lubricant on scrotum; improper pumping technique; too large insert or seal ring; inexperience with the system.

Remedy – Remove lubricant from scrotum; use a smaller insert or seal ring; use the modified pumping technique; continue with practice sessions; angle cylinder
downward during pumping.

Comments – Problem should disappear as you become more adept at using the device.

Discomfort during pumping

Likely cause – Too rapid pumping; pulling of scrotal tissue.

Remedy – Slower pumping; continue to use the device.

Comments – Problem usually resolves as you become more adept at using the device.

Discomfort from tension ring

Likely cause – Tension ring too small; Anxiety.

Remedy – Use a larger tension ring; continue to use the device.

Comments – Problem usually resolves as you continue to use the device.

Discomfort during intercourse

Likely cause – Inadequate lubrication; pressure on a sensitive area.

Remedy – More lubrication; position changes.

Comments – Problem may disappear as you become more adept at using the device.

Discomfort during ejaculation

Likely cause – Long period of abstinence; infection or inflammation of the prostate gland.

Remedy – Continue to use the device.

Comments – Problem usually resolves as you become more adept at using the device.

Redness, irritation, or bruising

Likely cause – Too rapid pumping; overpumping.

Remedy – Slower pumping; fewer pumps.

Comments – Consult your physician if this problem persists past the first few practice sessions.

Penis feels cold (to you or your partner)

Likely cause – Constriction of blood flow to the penis; lubrication.

Remedy – Wash off lubricant or warm lubricant before use.

Comments – Consider trying Zestra.

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