Augusta Medical Systems About Us

Founded in 2004, Augusta Medical Systems is the leader in vacuum therapy technology.  We are driven by a guiding principle to uphold a long-standing commitment to continually improve and refine vacuum erection systems.

Over forty years ago, Geddings Osbon applied his knowledge of vacuum pressure and mechanical processes to create the world’s first vacuum erection device (VED). He called it the Youth Equivalent Device (YED).  Today, Gedding’s family continues his innovative work.

The Augusta Medical Systems Advantage

The Soma Therapy-ED device from Augusta Medical Systems stands as the most advanced, technologically superior product of its kind.  The best vacuum erection device available is the result of our unwavering focus on improvement.  Unlike poorly designed and manufactured devices, the SomaTherapy-ED produces consistent and reliable outcomes for its users. With VEDs, quality design and construction are often the difference between success and disappointment.


Neither Augusta Medical Systems nor the Osbon family is affiliated with the Osbon Erec-Aid or any trade name or intellectual property known as Osbon. The trade name Osbon is owned either currently or formerly by the following:  Uroheatlh, Timm Medical Technologies, Endocare, Plethora Solutions, Actient Pharmaceuticals, Auxillium Pharmaceuticals, or QLT Inc.