Soma Therapy-ED Support & Services

Delivering the Industry’s Best Support and Services

Our staff has helped thousands of men overcome Erectile Dysfunction; let us help your patients as well. It is the Mission of Augusta Medical Systems to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of our patients and prescribing physicians. We provide the industry’s most robust customer-service program: The Circle of Confidence – Total Support Program. Our CBUNA accredited training program allows our staff to provide education and support to your patients, ensuring a successful outcome with their SomaTherapy-ED system.

Our Commitment to your patients’ SUCCESS

Our product educators complete a CBUNA accredited training program to be able to provide phone support within the comfort of your patients home so they have complete understanding on the correct application of SomaTherapy-ED. We also provide free educational materials, instructional DVDs, and demonstration units for your office. If you are interested in learning more about our Soma Therapy-ED Service or to order brochures for your office, click here.

Patient Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our number one priority is your patients’ success with SomaTherapy-ED. The Circle of Confidence – Total Support Program is a one-of-a-kind program put into place to ensure each patient receives the highest quality of products, services, and education. Your patients are provided a toll-free number, 800-827-8382, to speak with Patient Specialists for support on the correct application and use of SomaTherapy-ED.

SomaTherapy-ED is routinely covered by private insurances. Members of our provider services network will file your patients’ insurance claim and take assignment of benefits, allowing your patient to only be responsible for his co-pay amount at the time of purchase.

-Augusta Medical Systems Physician Information-