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The Benefits of a Natural Cure for ED

The impact that erectile dysfunction, or ED, symptoms have on your self-confidence and romantic relationship may have you clamoring for an effective solution. Unfortunately, many medical solutions for erectile dysfunction are fairly invasive and can cause serious side effects to occur from the outset. Therefore, diving into a treatment without considering the consequences can potentially leave you worse off than before, and looking for a natural cure for ED. Vacuum pump therapy can quickly and effectively mitigate your ED symptoms without invasive or expensive procedures that carry a risk of side effects. Here are four incredible benefits of selecting this natural cure for ED.

Noninvasive Process

A vacuum therapy device utilizes negative pressure to draw increased blood flow to your erectile tissues. This entire process simply activates the natural systems in your body to achieve an erection. After engorging your erectile tissues using the penis pump, you just engage the tension ring to maintain your erection until you have completed your sexual activities. You perform this entire noninvasive process in the comfort of your own home without the assistance of medical professionals, which gives you both freedom and privacy as you mitigate your ED symptoms.

Immediate Results

From start to finish, utilizing a vacuum therapy device as a natural cure for ED only takes a few minutes. Upon activating the negative pressure system, the device immediately begins to draw blood flow into your erectile tissues, causing them to properly engorge. When lube is applied, the tension ring slides easily over the shaft of your penis to rest at the base throughout the process of sexual intimacy. You never have to worry about waiting for a urinary tract suppository, using a needle or oral medication again after experiencing the fast, efficient operation of a penis pump.

Risk Mitigation

Medically invasive cures for erectile dysfunction carry a high risk of side effects occurring during and after the treatment process. First line therapy options, such as oral, injectable and suppository medications, can cause side effects ranging from scarring of the penis to vision damage. The risk just goes up from there when you arrive at the most invasive options, including implants and other surgical procedures. When you utilize a vacuum therapy device for the treatment of ED, you do not need to worry about the chance of harmful side effects.

Minimal Expense

When you elect to take medications for the treatment of your ED symptoms, you have to pay monthly to keep the symptoms at bay. Mitigation of erectile dysfunction through surgery costs even more while carrying the risk of harmful health repercussions. Vacuum pump therapy, on the other hand, has a onetime cost for the purchase of the negative pressure device and tension ring system. The only ongoing costs you will have to cover while using this natural cure for ED is a high-quality lubricant for the easy application of the tension rings.  

Acquiring a Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

If you are ready to obtain the benefits of choosing a natural cure for your erectile dysfunction symptoms, contact Augusta Medical Systems to learn about the SomaTherapy-ED system. You can obtain a manual or battery-powered vacuum pump therapy device with or without a prescription by calling the team today at 1-800-827-8382.