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What are the benefits of an Electric Penis Pump?

electric penis pump

The term “electric penis pump” has an illuminating quality.  Expressions such as electric billboard or electric lightbulb might elicit a more rational use of a multi-word term starting with the word “electric” in most of our minds. 

So, an electric penis pump sounds as if it could be a sci-fi creation or perhaps a bionic penile implant.  The truth is not quite as mysterious, so what are the benefits of an electric penis pump?  What is an electric penis pump?

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Using a penis pump

A penis pump is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Using a penis pump is a simple process which requires creating negative pressure or vacuum in a cylinder placed around your penis. 

The pressure must drop in the cylinder which pulls blood flow from the body into your flaccid penis to fill the void left as negative pressure is removed from the cylinder by the pumping mechanism. Blood flow created in a vacuum within a cylinder is what creates penile rigidity and increases penis size.  In order to draw air out of the cylinder, a pumping mechanism is required.  

Electric penis pump

AMS Battery Negative Pressure Device

The term electric penis pump refers to the pumping mechanism attached to the cylinder.  For the Augusta Medical Systems product line, as well as others, the electric penis pump is simply a battery-operated device activated by a button.

The vacuum head is attached to the cylinder and the battery-operated vacuum head pulls air from the cylinder when the button is pushed. It is simple to use and effective.

Manual penis pump

AMS Manual Negative Pressure Device

A manual penis pump is a vacuum head that is activated via a lever that must be squeezed or a push-pull activity that requires some motion to activate the vacuum pump.  Augusta Medical systems has created a technology known as the ultra-ease™ mechanism for the manual penis pump. 

The ultra-ease mechanism works within the lever and ensures that as vacuum pressure is created in the cylinder the amount of force exerted on the lever does not change or need to be increased. 

Other manual vacuum therapy devices require additional force as negative pressure builds up in the cylinder.  One finger is all that it takes to operate the vacuum pump, making Soma Therapy very simply exceptional to use compared to other vacuum penis pumps.

Electric penis pumps advantages

The original battery-operated penis pumps were created for very specific men with very unique needs.  Men who have arthritis or some other medical condition which makes use of the hands difficult find the battery-operated device easier to use.  Spinal cord patients frequently use vacuum therapy to treat erectile dysfunction and often these men and their partners find the electric penis pump advantageous.

Others like the simplicity and convenience of high-quality products that are simple to use and gravitate to using the battery operated or electric penis pump. Often preference dictates the decision to use the powered vacuum head.

Electric or battery-operated devices have become very popular and men without the medical conditions for which these products were designed, buy and use them every day. As a matter of fact, Augusta Medical Systems is the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty option for battery operated devices at the time of this article.  The high quality and superior design of Augusta Medical Systems products allows for this option. 

Electric penis pump disadvantages

The electrical or battery-operated penis pump is typically an added expense.  This is still minimal compared to other treatment options but a consideration nonetheless.  Men who have used both the manual and battery-operated vacuum head seem to have a common opinion after comparing one to the other.

Men tend to feel that using the manual device allows them more control over the process of creating an erection. Part art and simple science, the Ultra Easemechanism combined with practice is a great substitute for the battery-operated device. For many men who choose our manual device over a battery-operated, the Ultra Easemechanism is the reason why.

Penis enlargement pumps

Electric penis enlargement pumps seem to be a very popular online adult novelty product.  Many seem to tout high-powered battery operated electrical pump heads as superior products.  It is very important to greet these claims and advertisements with extreme skepticism.

Not only unproven and without any real evidence that penis size is permanently enhanced using a penis pump, pulling excessive vacuum is known to rupture or harm blood vessels in the penis. The FDA has sanctioned no approved claim for penis enlargement using a penis pump.

Medical Grade Vacuum Device

Medical Grade vacuum device

Design features specified by the FDA are very precise around the recommended amount of vacuum that can be pulled safely using a vacuum pump.  17 inches of mercury is the maximum vacuum considered safe. This is not for extended use either. This is an important reason to stay away from electric penis enlargement pumps.

Risks to health when men attempt to apply vacuum pressure to the penis for permanent male enhancement or penile enlargement as specified in Class II Special Controls Document issued on December 28, 2004, may include bruising or rupturing of blood vessels within the penis or scrotum, resulting in petechiae, hemorrhage, or the formation of a hematoma.

Penis size

Many reports of permanent penis enlargement using a penis pump can be easily explained.  Men who post comments on blogs or post testimonials attesting to permanent increases in size may have experience penile rehabilitation and a return to full erectile capacity rather than permanent penile enlargement.  It is well documented that the absence of regular erections can result in penile atrophy, programmed cell death and loss of penile length.  The regular creation of erections using a penis pump is thought to rehabilitation tissues and restore penile health and return full penile rigidity.  This is not penile enlargement but possibly penile rehabilitation.  Erections create penile health.