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Top 3 Reasons Why an ED Pump Will Not Work

Not all ED pumps are effective

There are challenges to buying an effective, high quality ED pump.  Unlike other consumer products such as automobiles, clothing, or household appliances, it is difficult to compare one erectile dysfunction pump to another before making a purchase.  Neighbors might compare gas grills or sporting goods for product quality, but information is not openly or practically exchanged about ED pumps.  Seldom can a potential buyer physically hold an ED pump in his hands, compare it to other products in the same category, and make a sensible inspection of the device before making a purchase.  Men who have had the chance to physically inspect and evaluate different ED pumps are usually very surprised at how much the quality and value of one device can vary from another.

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4 Benefits of Using Vacuum Therapy for ED

A shocking 75 percent of men with erectile dysfunction, or ED, forego treatment in hopes of the condition resolving on its own in due time, whether that’s vacuum therapy or medication. Unfortunately, most cases have an underlying cause that will not simply disappear with time. In addition, erectile dysfunction acts as an indicator for the development of serious health conditions, such as heart disease, so it is incredibly important to have ED symptoms assessed as soon as they start. Beyond the prevention of serious health complications, acquiring a diagnosis for ED can help you embrace natural treatments, such as vacuum therapy. When you naturally resolve your symptoms, you will likely enjoy the four following benefits.

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Utilizing Tension Rings for Impotence

If you decide to utilize vacuum pump therapy to treat your erectile dysfunction symptoms, you must familiarize yourself with tension rings to fully enjoy the benefits. Without the tension rings, your erectile tissues cannot remain engorged with blood throughout the intimacy for which you are using the system. You must understand the importance of using the correct tension system and take the time to select the right one for your unique anatomy to enjoy the best results.

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Exploring Effective ED Exercises for Penile Rehabilitation

Weakening of the pelvic muscle group often contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction, or ED. The muscles in this group wrap around your bowels, bladder and prostate to help control the activity in your pelvic region. In addition, these muscles help your body maintain an erection by trapping blood in the cells of your erectile tissues. When you undergo surgery in this area, or suffer from a serious medical condition, your muscle strength may decline, causing the beginning symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, you can utilize the four following targeted ED exercises to strengthen your muscle groups and potentially regain your ability to achieve an erection.

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Tips for Coping With ED: Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Causes of erectile dysfunction may vary greatly.  Regardless of your particular cause of ED, one ED symptom shared by all who are effected by the condition is decreased blood flow to the penis.

If your cause of ED is a medical condition, medication, or any one of many potential causes, it is likely that decreased blood flow to penile tissues can be positively impacted by erectile dysfunction exercises.  If you have erectile dysfunction and want to learn how to fix ED, there are effective treatments that will increase blood flow to the penis.

Regular exercise is routinely recommended to counteract heart disease, increase mental clarity, and improve overall health and wellbeing. Penile health is no different, and blood flow can be increased with erectile dysfunction exercises and significantly improve the quality, frequency, and strength of your erections.

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Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Benjamin Franklin famously coined the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This expression has been applied by physicians and members of the medical community for years as a practical way to avoid chronic health conditions.  Diet and exercise recommendations are becoming not only more common for prevention, but also prescribed as a practical way to combat existing cases of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to prevent or halt the progression of an illness. Urologist who treat erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer have coined a medical term used to describe exercise of the penis, they call this type of exercise “Penile Rehabilitation.”

For more information, check out our “Guide to Erectile Dysfunction“.

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The Benefits of a Natural Cure for ED

The impact that erectile dysfunction, or ED, symptoms have on your self-confidence and romantic relationship may have you clamoring for an effective solution. Unfortunately, many medical solutions for erectile dysfunction are fairly invasive and can cause serious side effects to occur from the outset. Therefore, diving into a treatment without considering the consequences can potentially leave you worse off than before, and looking for a natural cure for ED. Vacuum pump therapy can quickly and effectively mitigate your ED symptoms without invasive or expensive procedures that carry a risk of side effects. Here are four incredible benefits of selecting this natural cure for ED.

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Understanding Why Oral ED Medication Might Not Be Your Best Solution

Oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, are highly visible and heavily promoted. Watch most television programs, or any sporting event, and you will know why it is widely thought that ED medications, as perceived by many, are thought to be erectile dysfunction cures and appropriate for all men.

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The Tension System Makes a Difference

In order for a vacuum therapy device to be effective for sexual intimacy, two very basic activities have to be accomplished:

  1. Blood must be drawn into the penis using a cylinder and pumping device or mechanism to create an erection.
  2. A tension system or constriction device then holds blood in the penis to maintain the erection during sexual intercourse.

Both processes are necessary for a vacuum erection device to be effective.  The appearance of one vacuum erection device compared to another device may vary, but they all incorporate the same two fundamental processes. Unless you have actually used a VED, how do you determine which characteristics of a vacuum erection device are most important? In fact, there are several ways to make this determination.

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Do penis pumps work? How to Use a Penis Pump

Soma Therapy ED Penis Pump

The misconception that erectile dysfunction is a natural and unavoidable part of aging, can act as a deterrent to seeking treatment for this condition. The fact is that no matter the cause, erectile dysfunction symptoms can be reversed through the use of a high-quality medical grade penis pump, which is also known as a vacuum therapy device. The importance of using a medical device that is manufactured under FDA Class II quality guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) cannot be overstated if you desire a penis pump to work effectively.  An innovative negative pressure device in the penis pump system actively mimics your body’s natural processes to create an erection on demand. Before you obtain this effective erectile dysfunction treatment option, read on to learn how this device works and the best practices to utilize for its operation.

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