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Top 3 Reasons Why an ED Pump Will Not Work

Not all ED pumps are effective


There are challenges to buying an effective, high quality ED pump.  Unlike other consumer products such as automobiles, clothing, or household appliances, it is difficult to compare one erectile dysfunction pump to another before making a purchase.  Neighbors might compare gas grills or sporting goods for product quality, but information is not openly or practically exchanged about ED pumps.  Seldom can a potential buyer physically hold an ED pump in his hands, compare it to other products in the same category, and make a sensible inspection of the device before making a purchase.  Men who have had the chance to physically inspect and evaluate different ED pumps are usually very surprised at how much the quality and value of one device can vary from another.

Many inexpensive and poorly manufactured devices are available. We are all attempting to achieve the highest value for the least amount of cost, this can be a challenge when purchasing an ED pump. Vacuum therapy is very commonly dismissed as ineffective by those who buy the least expensive device.  Too often a man will reject the entire therapy because they unintentionally purchased an ineffective product and don’t know it. Low cost and poor design may appear effective, and often it is the device not the treatment that is ineffective. The men who realize this have a common story.  They usually experience just enough of a positive result from a novelty product to then purchase a higher quality product.  These men often feel like they wasted money buying the inexpensive product first, but love the therapy when using a medical grade device.

Unrealistic expectations


erectile dysfunction pumps unrealistic expectationsWhen a man watches a 45 second video titled “how does a vacuum pump work,” purchases a device, and expects to take the device out the box and instantly achieve results, he will likely be disappointed.  Regardless of the vacuum erection device, there is a learning curve to get great results from an ED pump.  It is not uncommon to spend several days with multiple practice sessions before you can successfully use an ED pump with your partner.

Consider the time that it takes to get accustomed to your first pair of eye glasses. Don’t forget the adjustments that were necessary to get the best fit from an orthopedic brace, or even the days you spent breaking in a new pair of shoes.  Reflect upon these experiences and you will have much more realistic expectations around learning to get great results from an ED pump.  Experimentation and learning to use a ED pump is natural and necessary, don’t buy into advertisers who attempt to sell you instant gratification regarding vacuum therapy. When this is the expectation men become frustrated, then give up just before mastering the technique of using an ED pump properly. The device, like all new experiences, will seem awkward at first, and with some practice it becomes simple, and easy, to create your fullest natural erection in under 2 minutes.

Re-conditioning penile tissues for erectile function


Depending on the amount of time a man has gone without erectile function it may take several weeks of daily reconditioning to create a full erection or to create an erection without pain.  In the absence of regular erections and blood flow over several years, blood vessels, veins and tissues that facilitate blood flow in the penis can atrophy, shrink, and sometimes die.  In most cases this can be overcome. But in these cases, it requires patience, persistence, and training.  Tissue atrophy doesn’t happen overnight and reconditioning penile tissues does not happen overnight either.

Reconditioning the penile tissues is done through training sessions with an ED pump and by slowly moving blood from the body into the penis using negative pressure.  To do this, you apply the device and create vacuum. At the point in which slight discomfort is experienced, pressure should be released.  Repeat the process 3-5 times per daily session.  After time, the tolerance to negative pressure decreases and the quality of the erection increases.  Each man is different and the reconditioning process can sometimes take 2-3 weeks.  Without patience and a willingness to go through the reconditioning process some men abandon the therapy because of pain or partial erections that would have otherwise subsided with time.

Realistic expectations and training penile tissues is up to you.  If you would like to purchase the best in class vacuum therapy device which has been prescribed by over 50% of Urologist in the United States, contact Augusta Medical Systems at 1-800-827-8382.

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4 Benefits of Using Vacuum Therapy for ED

A shocking 75 percent of men with erectile dysfunction, or ED, forego treatment in hopes of the condition resolving on its own in due time, whether that’s vacuum therapy or medication. Unfortunately, most cases have an underlying cause that will not simply disappear with time. In addition, erectile dysfunction acts as an indicator for the development of serious health conditions, such as heart disease, so it is incredibly important to have ED symptoms assessed as soon as they start. Beyond the prevention of serious health complications, acquiring a diagnosis for ED can help you embrace natural treatments, such as vacuum therapy. When you naturally resolve your symptoms, you will likely enjoy the four following benefits.

Confidence Increase

Untreated ED symptoms can severely compromise your confidence levels for the foreseeable future. This effect multiplies if the symptoms seemingly come and go without an obvious cause. You may start to withdraw from your significant other at first, only to notice the confidence decrease affecting other areas of your life. When you reverse your symptoms with vacuum pump therapy, however, your confidence levels tend to come back stronger than ever.

Stress Level Decrease

Whether achieved with a partner or solo, orgasms have an amazing way of decreasing stress levels back to a manageable range. The release of endorphins and elevation of mood triggered by an orgasm allow stress to slip away unnoticed, even after the toughest of days. When ED symptoms arise, however, your ability to achieve an orgasm may become so compromised that you just stop trying, causing your stress levels to reach new heights. Thankfully, a negative-pressure device can help you not only achieve an erection, but also maintain it through the peak of your sexual activities.

Relationship Improvements

Although healthy relationships can continue to thrive without sex, the loss of an intimate connection can introduce a barrier that was never there before. Resuming sexual activities with your significant other can reintroduce the closeness that you both may have not even noticed had disappeared. Furthermore, with a vacuum therapy pump, there is no wait time, as is found with oral ED medications and other treatment options, which allows for spontaneous sexual activities that may have helped to improve your relationship in the past.

Sleep Quality Boost

Along with the decrease in stress, orgasm triggers the release of a cascade of brain chemicals that help improve your sleep quality. The three main chemicals, oxytocin, norepinephrine and serotonin, work together to prime your being for total relaxation, which helps you achieve deep sleep cycles that restore your mind and body. Since the use of a penis pump is a natural treatment approach, it does not carry a risk of side effects that could disrupt your sleep patterns. With sleep affecting every aspect of your health, the quality improvements will likely give you an overall wellness boost as well.

Obtaining a Vacuum Pump for ED

If you are ready to start treating your erectile dysfunction symptoms with vacuum pump therapy, contact Augusta Medical Systems to learn about the SomaTherapy-ED device options available today. You can acquire a manual or battery-operated vacuum therapy device with or without a prescription. Call the team at 1-800-827-8382 or fill out the online contact form to learn more information. 

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Utilizing Tension Rings for Impotence

If you decide to utilize vacuum pump therapy to treat your erectile dysfunction symptoms, you must familiarize yourself with tension rings to fully enjoy the benefits. Without the tension rings, your erectile tissues cannot remain engorged with blood throughout the intimacy for which you are using the system. You must understand the importance of using the correct tension system and take the time to select the right one for your unique anatomy to enjoy the best results.

Purpose of Tension Systems

The vacuum therapy pump gently draws blood flow into your penis to engorge the tissues and help you achieve an erection. Upon deactivating the pumping mechanism, blood in your penis begins to recirculate through your body, causing your penis to return to its resting state. To prevent this issue, you must gently slide a snug, but comfortable, tension ring onto the base of your penis. The ring should provide just enough pressure to keep your erectile tissues engorged until you have achieved the desired results at which time it is removed.

Explore Our Most Popular Products

How to choose the correct tension system

Each vacuum therapy device from Augusta Medical System comes with a minimum of three translucent tension systems, depending on the device you purchase, these are known as SureFit™ Tension Systems. Experimentation is necessary to determine which tension system is best suited for your individual use.

tension rings

As part of the process of experimentation begin by using the largest SureFit™ tension system marked with a “Z” and attempt to maintain your erection with this device first.  Because the diameter of the Surefit Z is the largest it will be the most comfortable to use.  If the tension is not sufficient to hold the blood in the penis and thus does not maintain the erection, move to the next tension system which is the SureFit Y, which has a smaller diameter, and try again.  If the tension is not sufficient to maintain the erection using the SureFit Y, move to the SureFit X which has the smallest diameter and provides the most tension in the SureFit™ family of tension systems.  Finding the correct balance of comfort and tension optimal for each man is a process of trial and error.  Once the tension system is found which provides the correct balance of tension and comfort, this will be the tension system that will be used in future sessions.


Types of Tension Rings

If you find that you do not obtain satisfactory results from the SureFit™ tension system options, and your system does not contain other tension systems, call customer support at Augusta Medical Systems 1-800-827-8382 to obtain other models of tension systems.  With over 15 different tension systems crafted with different designs and from several non-latex materials, we will guide you through the various options. You will only go through the training and experimentation process once, and re-ordering is simple.

The SureEase Family of tension systems is our second most popular line of tension system.  As with each different family of tension systems start with the largest tension system and work down to the smallest diameter to find the best fit!

Sure ease tension rings More Sure Ease tension rings

In addition to soft materials, durability, and fantastic tension holding properties, the design is very popular with men who appreciate the unique grip provided in the tabs of the tension system.

The Select tension system family:

Select tension system

as well as the Ultra tension system family:

Ultra tension system

Share the same design but are made from different materials.  They both are typically used by men who require higher levels of tension.  Often medical conditions and anatomical differences dictate the amount of tension that is required to maintain an erection using a tension system.


The SureRelease is the only one-time use tension system available!

SureRelease™ one-time use tension system

Truly a fantastic and unique innovation, many men will only use the SureRelease.  The design is for men who desire to remove the tension system before climax and with ease at the time of release they choose.


Benefits of Choosing the Right System

When you are choosing the right tension system for impotence, you should take the time needed for experimentation to determine which options fit you well and achieve the desired results. When you have placed the right tension system at the base of your penis, your erection will remain engorged at the desired firmness level until the desired results are achieved. The incorrect ring shape or size could leave your erection partially soft or even cause discomfort at the base of your penis.

When trying out each tension system, make sure to use a water-based lubricant to make its placement more comfortable and much easier to accomplish. Always make sure to gently push the tension ring from the head of your penis down to the base, so the inner ring surface sits flat against your pelvic area. If the tension ring starts to slide off, or squeezes your penis too tight, remove it and try a different size. Once you find your ideal tension system shape and size, you will immediately notice the effortless feeling associated with naturally achieving an erection.

Resolving Your ED Symptoms with Vacuum Pump Therapy

You can browse through the available tension ring systems while choosing your SomaTherapy-ED penis pump from Augusta Medical Systems. The tension rings come in various shapes and sizes to fit each individual perfectly. Once you find the best tension system for you, it will be quick and easy to order more whenever needed.

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Exploring Effective ED Exercises for Penile Rehabilitation

Weakening of the pelvic muscle group often contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction, or ED. The muscles in this group wrap around your bowels, bladder and prostate to help control the activity in your pelvic region. In addition, these muscles help your body maintain an erection by trapping blood in the cells of your erectile tissues. When you undergo surgery in this area, or suffer from a serious medical condition, your muscle strength may decline, causing the beginning symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, you can utilize the four following targeted ED exercises to strengthen your muscle groups and potentially regain your ability to achieve an erection.


Kegels are a must for building strength in your pelvic muscle group. You must perform this exercise correctly to net the full benefits by activating all muscles in the group at the same time. To start, practice tightening up the target muscles by stopping your urine midstream during bathroom breaks. Once you can activate those muscles on demand, you can practice holding the contraction for several seconds in a row. You want to work your way up to holding the muscles tight for at least ten seconds while laying down, sitting, standing and walking, in that order.


Once you have your Kegels mastered, you can integrate bodyweight squats into your routine. The squats continue the same pelvic floor strengthening movements while integrating your core support mechanism. Balancing your strength gains in this manner helps prevent injury that could setback your progress in recovering from your ED symptoms. Make sure to do squats in front of the mirror to perfect your form before adding weight to your frame. You may eventually hold a 25-pound dumbbell or move onto an Olympic barbell as your pelvic floor and core muscles gain in strength.


To effectively perform Pilates movements, you must contract the muscles in your pelvis and core for extended periods of time. As you attempt to keep your balance, your muscles shift in micromovements that facilitate immense strength gains without adding heavy weights to the mix. Furthermore, the full body movements promote improved coordination between your muscle groups, which has a positive impact on blood flow and muscle contraction. Although you may be tempted to focus mainly on your pelvic floor muscles, alternate your routine on a weekly basis to balance your strength gains across your entire body. Otherwise, injuries could occur.


Yoga allows you to target specific muscle groups for improved strength while increasing your overall cardiovascular function. With hundreds of unique poses to choose from, you can customize your routine to work the muscles you feel are the weakest. As you master the poses, you can move onto the next difficulty level to continue making measured improvements to your physique. Make sure to include the boat, raised legs and plank poses into your initial routine to focus on your pelvic floor muscles from the start.

By integrating ED exercises into your daily routine, you can take back control of your body and fight against the symptoms you feel. Since gains in strength, flexibility and cardiovascular function take time to develop, you may want to utilize a SomaTherapy-ED vacuum therapy device to overcome your ED symptoms in the meantime. Contact the team at Augustus Medical Systems by calling 1-800-827-8382 to learn more.  

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Tips for Coping With ED: Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Causes of erectile dysfunction may vary greatly.  Regardless of your particular cause of ED, one ED symptom shared by all who are effected by the condition is decreased blood flow to the penis.

If your cause of ED is a medical condition, medication, or any one of many potential causes, it is likely that decreased blood flow to penile tissues can be positively impacted by erectile dysfunction exercises.  If you have erectile dysfunction and want to learn how to fix ED, there are effective treatments that will increase blood flow to the penis.

Regular exercise is routinely recommended to counteract heart disease, increase mental clarity, and improve overall health and wellbeing. Penile health is no different, and blood flow can be increased with erectile dysfunction exercises and significantly improve the quality, frequency, and strength of your erections.

Better Erections

A very old adage applies to erectile dysfunction exercise, “if you don’t use it you lose it.” We take regular walks and make trips to the gym so we don’t lose the health of joints, muscles, and blood vessels by increasing activity and blood flow.

The more you achieve regular erections, the better your penile health.  Daily erections, even if you have erectile dysfunction, is the key to fuller, firmer, and stronger erections.

If you suffer from ED and require treatment to achieve daily erections the following methods can produce daily erections and blood flow to the penis:

  • Oral medications
  • Penile Injections
  • Erectile dysfunction pump

Erectile Dysfunction Pump and Stronger Erections

Using Soma Therapy ED for erectile dysfunction exercises is a very effective option and one of the natural ED remedies.  It is the guaranteed treatment that has the unique ability to create and release 2-3 erections in 10-15 minutes.  This ability to ensure multiple erections on a daily basis is an advantage of an erectile dysfunction pump for exercise since the average man without erectile dysfunction obtains three to six erections per night in (REM) rapid-eye-movement sleep. Soma Therapy ED can create daily blood flow to the penis like men, who do not have ED, without drugs or needles.

The fact that Soma Therapy ED devices pull blood from the body to the penis without drugs and needles is very important to men who are health conscious and want results. Pills and needles are not good choices for erectile dysfunction exercise when you consider that Soma Therapy ED is not only a non-invasive treatment, but in also has the unique ability to create and release multiple erections in a short amount of time unlike other interventions.  Soma Therapy ED can by used somewhat like interval training for better erections.

The Absence of Regular Erections

It is recognized that a prolonged erection problem can lead to shrinkage of the penile tissues and a reduction in penile circulation (non-use atrophy). Regular use of the Soma Therapy ED vacuum therapy device will create penile rigidity.  Daily penile rigidity through erectile dysfunction exercise will duplicate the benefits of nocturnal erections, reversing penile shrinkage, reconditioning penile tissues with blood circulation and promoting a return to good penile health.

This therapeutic benefit of regular device use is perhaps best understood as the Soma Therapy ED “Penis GYM” concept. In other words, we can talk in terms of regular device usage equating to penile “exercise” with a resulting improvement in penile “fitness” – hence a physiotherapeutic effect.

How to use Soma Therapy ED for Stronger Erections

Like all other forms of life style changes, the trick is to make ED exercises part of your regular routine.  In the morning or evening, dependent upon when you shower of bath, is probably the best time.

You want to train penile tissues using erectile dysfunction exercises before bathing because you are naturally undressing and the small amounts of lubricant needed to apply the device will be washed away when you bath.

Once you make the training protocol part of your schedule, it will become second nature to perform this simple 10-15 minute exercises.  Here are the steps:

  1. Apply lubricant to the body and device.  Do not use the tension system at all for this exercise.
  2. Use the system to slowly create an erection by pumping the handle 3-5 times and waiting ten seconds for blood to flow into the penis.
  3. Repeat to step two (2) until the penis has become fully erect.
  4. Hold the erection within the cylinder for 2-3 minutes
  5. Release the erection within the cylinder be pressing the release button on the back of the pump head. Note: do not remove the cylinder from around the penis at all during this process.

Repeat this 5-step process of creating and releasing erections three times, remove and clean the device and take your shower or bath.

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Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Benjamin Franklin famously coined the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This expression has been applied by physicians and members of the medical community for years as a practical way to avoid chronic health conditions.  Diet and exercise recommendations are becoming not only more common for prevention, but also prescribed as a practical way to combat existing cases of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to prevent or halt the progression of an illness. Urologist who treat erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer have coined a medical term used to describe exercise of the penis, they call this type of exercise “Penile Rehabilitation.”


For more information, check out our “Guide to Erectile Dysfunction“.


Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Rehabilitation

Urologist are medical doctors who study and treat disorders of the urinary system.  They are considered the foremost experts in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Even though all urologist are trained surgeons, non-surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction are gaining acceptance among the most respected urologist and medical centers in the world.  The University of Texas MD Anderson Center is a leading thought leader in which penile rehabilitation using vacuum therapy is common place.  The Director of Sexual Medicine is Dr. Run Wang who published a clinical study titled “Vacuum Therapy Device for Penile Rehabilitation.” Dr. Wang makes a compelling case that using vacuum therapy following prostate cancer is a preventative form of exercise that significantly improves a man’s chance of returning to normal sexual function following a surgical procedure to treat prostate cancer known as a radical prostatectomy.

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

There is clinical research that indicates that the use of a vacuum erection device as a first-line therapy in treatment of erectile dysfunction following a radical prostatectomy is recommended as a very effective preventative treatment.  The Journal of Sexual Medicine publish an article in February of 2017 Titled “Vacuum Erectile Device for Rehabilitation after Radical Prostatectomy” Volume 14, Issue 2, p184-186.  This study recommends men start using vacuum therapy 2 weeks following a radical prostatectomy as part of an exercise or penile rehabilitation regiment in which it is used 5 minutes twice daily with a 1 minute interval, Monday through Friday.  This research is very focused on prostate cancer patients and does not address the benefits of creating erections using vacuum therapy to decrease penile shortening, penile shrinkage, or the prevention of program cell death in men who suffer from diabetes or other medical conditions.  It will be interesting to see if this type of research emerges in the future.

Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

In a medical community that often focuses on drug therapies and surgeries it is very exciting to see more and more thought leaders and leading medical institutions focusing on natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction.  When a man uses vacuum therapy, no drugs pass the skin through needles.  Oral medications are commonly used in those cases in which they are effective, but oral medication use the circulatory system and pass drugs throughout the whole body.  Surgical procedures are without argument the most invasive form of erectile dysfunction treatment.  Each of these treatments has a place in medicine and are effective forms of managing erectile dysfunction depending on the goals of the physician and medical condition of the individual who is seeking treatment.  Vacuum therapy is the only proven treatment in which no chemicals are ingested or surgical procedures are performed.

Soma Therapy-ED for Erectile Dysfunction

Many of the most respected medical centers, including those mentioned in this article, in the United States and around the world have prescribed Soma Therapy-ED for erectile dysfunction or penile rehabilitation.  If you would like to order a Soma Therapy-ED device without a prescription you can do so directly on our website or give us a call at 1-800-827-8382.

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The Benefits of a Natural Cure for ED

The impact that erectile dysfunction, or ED, symptoms have on your self-confidence and romantic relationship may have you clamoring for an effective solution. Unfortunately, many medical solutions for erectile dysfunction are fairly invasive and can cause serious side effects to occur from the outset. Therefore, diving into a treatment without considering the consequences can potentially leave you worse off than before, and looking for a natural cure for ED. Vacuum pump therapy can quickly and effectively mitigate your ED symptoms without invasive or expensive procedures that carry a risk of side effects. Here are four incredible benefits of selecting this natural cure for ED.

Noninvasive Process

A vacuum therapy device utilizes negative pressure to draw increased blood flow to your erectile tissues. This entire process simply activates the natural systems in your body to achieve an erection. After engorging your erectile tissues using the penis pump, you just engage the tension ring to maintain your erection until you have completed your sexual activities. You perform this entire noninvasive process in the comfort of your own home without the assistance of medical professionals, which gives you both freedom and privacy as you mitigate your ED symptoms.

Immediate Results

From start to finish, utilizing a vacuum therapy device as a natural cure for ED only takes a few minutes. Upon activating the negative pressure system, the device immediately begins to draw blood flow into your erectile tissues, causing them to properly engorge. When lube is applied, the tension ring slides easily over the shaft of your penis to rest at the base throughout the process of sexual intimacy. You never have to worry about waiting for a urinary tract suppository, using a needle or oral medication again after experiencing the fast, efficient operation of a penis pump.

Risk Mitigation

Medically invasive cures for erectile dysfunction carry a high risk of side effects occurring during and after the treatment process. First line therapy options, such as oral, injectable and suppository medications, can cause side effects ranging from scarring of the penis to vision damage. The risk just goes up from there when you arrive at the most invasive options, including implants and other surgical procedures. When you utilize a vacuum therapy device for the treatment of ED, you do not need to worry about the chance of harmful side effects.

Minimal Expense

When you elect to take medications for the treatment of your ED symptoms, you have to pay monthly to keep the symptoms at bay. Mitigation of erectile dysfunction through surgery costs even more while carrying the risk of harmful health repercussions. Vacuum pump therapy, on the other hand, has a onetime cost for the purchase of the negative pressure device and tension ring system. The only ongoing costs you will have to cover while using this natural cure for ED is a high-quality lubricant for the easy application of the tension rings.  

Acquiring a Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

If you are ready to obtain the benefits of choosing a natural cure for your erectile dysfunction symptoms, contact Augusta Medical Systems to learn about the SomaTherapy-ED system. You can obtain a manual or battery-powered vacuum pump therapy device with or without a prescription by calling the team today at 1-800-827-8382.

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Understanding Why Oral ED Medication Might Not Be Your Best Solution

Oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, are highly visible and heavily promoted. Watch most television programs, or any sporting event, and you will know why it is widely thought that ED medications, as perceived by many, are thought to be erectile dysfunction cures and appropriate for all men.

It is a less known fact that anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of men who seek ED cures from these medications are often disillusioned when they compare their own experiences to the advertised promises of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Given the vast advertising budgets of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these treatments, ED medications and oral pills continue to be the first choice considered by men seeking ED treatment.

What is more telling however, are the facts. According to integrated healthcare care and technology company QuintilesIMSÔ refill rates for ED medications tend to be around 30%. So why do men not refill prescriptions and quit taking these medications?

Over 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction and statistics suggest at least 30% of these men get no results from ED medications or oral pills for various reasons, many of which are medical in nature.  This means that over 9 million who need help with ED will not find any results in oral medications. So, if you are one of the 9 million men who fall into this category don’t internalize your experience as unique, it is not.

Underlying medical conditions, negative side effects, high costs, or even long wait periods may contribute to high dropout rates of men seeking ED solutions in the form of medications of those who do not fill prescriptions for Oral ED medications. If any of these reasons resonate with you, don’t be alarmed it may be that ED medications might not be your best solution.


Drawbacks Of Taking Oral Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The major oral medications for ED, including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their associated generics, all share similar drawbacks to their use. The lack of effectiveness, lack of accessibility, high cost, long wait periods and potential side effects tend to outweigh the potential benefits, especially when there are other natural options to consider, such as vacuum therapy for ED.



For about 2 out of 3 men the following statement applies “you can’t take men without any ability to attain erections and expect them to achieve strong erections with oral medications.”  In addition, if you are effected by medical conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease, prostate cancer, or heart disease your chances of success with Viagra, Cialis or Levitra can be very limiting.

Men who have the highest rates of effectiveness with Oral ED medications, use them to improve or enhance the erections they already achieve naturally.  Through the years, drug companies seem to have modified the definition of erectile dysfunction to imply performance enhancement.  The term erectile dysfunction when it was created, and in its most accurate description, means “absence of the ability to achieve and create any form of erection at all,” also known as the absence of nocturnal erections. 

Lack of Accessibility

Oral medications are not immediately accessible due to the need for a doctor’s appointment and approval. Before prescribing, physicians usually perform a thorough screening to verify your eligibility for the requested medications and gauge the suitability of that treatment option for your symptoms. Although a physician’s visit is a smart move to rule out underlying health conditions contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction, it is no guarantee that oral medications will be prescribed.

High Costs

The continued costs of oral medications can hit your wallet hard in just a matter of weeks. Brand name oral medication for ED can cost up to $300 for just ten doses, and their generic equivalents are not much cheaper. The costs add up across the years to total thousands of dollars spent on the treatment of this difficult condition.

Long Wait Period

Spur of the moment sexual activities are out of the question when relying on oral medications to achieve and maintain an erection. In fact, it can take up to an hour for your body to properly respond to the medication before achieving an erection is possible. Even after the medication starts to work, sexual stimulation must be initiated to coax your body to produce an erection.  With the proper use of a vacuum erection device a man can achieve and maintain his fullest natural erection in about 2-3 minutes with complete and total control of the process.

Potential Side Effects

All of the ED oral medication options on the market today have a laundry list of side effects to consider. The most disturbing of the bunch is the chance of priapism, which is an erection that continues for more than four hours. If priapism is not treated in a timely manner, erectile tissue death could occur. These medications may also cause headaches, vision abnormalities, dizziness, heart palpitations, and dangerous drops in blood pressure.

Vacuum Therapy: A Natural Alternative To ED Medication

You do not have to take these drawbacks in stride to achieve relief from your erectile dysfunction symptoms. A natural alternative for ED actually comes in the form of a vacuum therapy device. This device utilizes negative pressure to mimic the natural process of drawing blood into the penis which helps you easily achieve an erection on demand and maintain it using a tension ring system. The device is available without a prescription for a onetime cost equal to a month or two of oral ED medication. Furthermore, there is no notable risk of side effects while utilizing this natural and safe treatment device for erectile dysfunction.  Vacuum Therapy is also unique in that it can help to improve partial erections received from Oral ED medications by using the device in conjunction with ED medications.

To acquire a vacuum therapy device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, contact Augusta Medical Systems to inquire about the effective and affordable SomaTherapy-ED system.

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The Tension System Makes a Difference

In order for a vacuum therapy device to be effective for sexual intimacy, two very basic activities have to be accomplished:

  1. Blood must be drawn into the penis using a cylinder and pumping device or mechanism to create an erection.
  2. A tension system or constriction device then holds blood in the penis to maintain the erection during sexual intercourse.

Both processes are necessary for a vacuum erection device to be effective.  The appearance of one vacuum erection device compared to another device may vary, but they all incorporate the same two fundamental processes. Unless you have actually used a VED, how do you determine which characteristics of a vacuum erection device are most important? In fact, there are several ways to make this determination.

Men who are experienced and successful users of vacuum therapy devices for erectile dysfunction will tell you without doubt, the availability and selection of the right tension system is a major difference between success and failure with any penis pump as an effective ED treatment.

What Makes a Good Tension System?

There is a simple explanation why the tension system makes the difference in a good, bad, or great experience with vacuum therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

An effective tension system has to constrict blood flow to the penis to hold an erection. Tension systems must also be comfortable and free of irritation and discomfort, or the enjoyment of sexual intercourse is compromised.

The force of Tension and requirement of comfort are naturally at odds with each other.  Several factors determine which combination of tension and comfort is correct for each individual man who uses a tension system or constriction device to maintain an erection.  The following factors contribute to which tension system(s) or combination of tension and comfort is best suited to each individual man. (other factors not listed can be variables) The below influences are most common:

  • The general condition or health of the vascular system in penile tissues.
  • Amount of time in which a man has been sexually inactive.
  • Anatomical differences in the penis vary between men
  • Blood thinners or other prescription medications
  • Underlying medical conditions

In order to accommodate the various needs of individual men and their unique conditions, Augusta Medical Systems vacuum erection device is the only product that has a selection of 15 different tension systems.  Our available selection of tension systems come in 5 different patent designs with 4 unique and proprietary medical grade materials, each of which is silicon-free.

If you are considering a vacuum erection device in which the manufacturer claims that the one design they offer is so, so, so effective that it works for every man, beware, they have not taken the time to develop robust options suitable for all men.

For 75% of men, the SureFit® Tension System is considered the finest combination of comfort and strength in any tension system created.  This tension system was designed by over 1,200 men who volunteered to participate in a 24-month product development program.  During the development program men were sent prototype designs.

After questionnaires were reviewed and suggestions implemented, additional prototypes were test, rated, and modified. Approximately 5-7 rounds of customer driven modifications occurred.  The result of this program is the only known tension system completely designed by men for men who use vacuum therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, it is called SureFit®.

25% of men will require other tension designs to experience the best balance of tension in comfort in a tension system based on their unique needs.  The SureEase Ultra® or SureEase Comfort are great for men with dexterity issues in their hands. ULTRA®, and SELECT®, maybe best suited for men that require more tension then others. SureRelease® Tension System is the only one time use tear away tension system available on the market. Our family of tension products is  custom designed to address the unique and custom requirements of each individual man.

The Augusta Medical Systems vacuum therapy device is designed to be easy to assemble, operate, and clean.  The ultra-ease® pumping mechanism built into the Soma Therapy-ED™ pump head lever can be operated with one hand.  This superiority alone, among other proprietary features, may not be easily identifiable in a picture. However, it elevates the design of Soma Therapy-ED™, and makes it the finest medical grade penis pump available.

Regardless of this, the tension system is separate then the device that creates the erection and makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of the treatment.

When considering a vacuum erection system remember: the tension systems make a difference!

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Do penis pumps work? How to Use a Penis Pump

Soma Therapy ED Penis Pump


The misconception that erectile dysfunction is a natural and unavoidable part of aging, can act as a deterrent to seeking treatment for this condition. The fact is that no matter the cause, erectile dysfunction symptoms can be reversed through the use of a high-quality medical grade penis pump, which is also known as a vacuum therapy device. The importance of using a medical device that is manufactured under FDA Class II quality guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) cannot be overstated if you desire a penis pump to work effectively.  An innovative negative pressure device in the penis pump system actively mimics your body’s natural processes to create an erection on demand. Before you obtain this effective erectile dysfunction treatment option, read on to learn how this device works and the best practices to utilize for its operation.

Why Do Penis Pumps Work?

Although you can utilize oral, injectable or suppository-based medications and surgical enhancements to treat erectile dysfunction, regular use of a penis pump is the most effective and least invasive method for the reversal of your symptoms. With the operation of the manual or battery-operated control system, the vacuum therapy device utilizes negative pressure to draw blood into your penile tissues. As your penis engorges with blood, a firm and full erection results, which you can maintain using a tension system.

Upon completing your sexual activities, you simply remove the tension system from the base of your penis to reverse the process and return to a flaccid state. Unlike other erectile dysfunction treatment options, you do not face a high risk of side effects during and after the proper utilization of a high-quality medical grade penis pump.

The vacuum therapy device can be used on demand immediately before you expect to participate in sexual activities to positively impact the quality of your daily life. Other erectile dysfunction treatments, surgical penile implants, and drugs especially, can have a negative impact on your daily life due to their continued effects outside of the sexual experience.

How to Use a Penis Pump

Since the penis pump mimics your body’s natural processes, it is quite easy to operate. When you are ready to have an erection, you slide the cylinder over your penis and gently press the cushioned base against your body. Using the manual vacuum head or battery-operated motor, you draw air out of the cylinder and activate negative pressure to bring blood flow into your penile tissues.

Once you have achieved an erection, you slide the tension ring onto your penis. The tension ring stays in place throughout your sexual experience to ensure you maintain the fullest natural erection the whole time. Afterward, you remove the tension ring to allow your penis to return to a resting state. Once you learn how to use a penis pump, you can quickly complete this process and continue on with your sexual experience without unnecessary delay.

Obtaining a Vacuum Therapy Device For ED

After learning how an ed pump works, and its correct operation practices, you may find yourself ready to utilize this erectile dysfunction treatment option for your own symptoms. You can acquire a medical grade penis pump prescription from your doctor or purchase a high-quality medical grade over the counter variant. Contact Augusta Medical Systems at 800-827-8382 to inquire about the effective SomaTherapy-ED® vacuum therapy device for the treatment of your erectile dysfunction symptoms.


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