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How Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Are Related

If you have diabetes, your risk of developing erectile dysfunction is three times higher than individuals without this metabolic condition. In fact, up to 75% of men with type 1 or 2 diabetes eventually end up exhibiting symptoms of erectile dysfunction, especially when blood sugar levels are not well controlled. Furthermore, the ED symptoms tend to develop up to 15 years earlier than normal due to the way diabetes symptoms compromise the function of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Despite these factors, you can work to control your diabetes symptoms with help from your doctor and utilize effective erectile dysfunction therapies to regain complete control of your body.

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Diabetes Complications Leading to ED Symptom Development

When your blood sugar levels rise to a dangerous level, damage to your blood vessels starts to occur. The damage starts with the smallest blood vessels, such as the ones found in your erectile tissues. Continued dysregulation of blood sugar levels also begins to affect the health of your nervous system. The nerve dysfunction effects impact the health of muscle tissues and lead to the development of scar tissue in those areas. Within a short time, damage to the nerves, muscles and blood vessels in your penis causes erectile dysfunction symptoms to develop.

Unfortunately, once the damage occurs, physicians can do little to reverse the complications and return your ability to achieve erections without intervention. Therefore, prevention is key in decreasing the chance of your diabetes causing ED symptoms.

Control Diabetes Symptoms to Reduce the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

Since well controlled diabetes causes less damage to the cardiovascular and nervous systems, your best line of defense is good blood sugar control. You can work with your doctor to find a treatment plan that keeps your blood sugar in the safe zone the majority of the time.

Your doctor may suggest a low carb diet and exercise program that keeps your blood sugar in control and promotes good heart health. If your blood sugar fails to come into a healthy range with this approach, correction with insulin may be your best course of action. No matter which treatment method you choose, keeping your diabetes symptoms under control will help you actively reduce your risk of developing ED over time.

Vacuum Pump Therapy: Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Option for Diabetes Patients

If you end up experiencing erectile dysfunction symptoms, you can select from a myriad of potential treatment options to achieve an erection on demand. Since certain medications can worsen your diabetes symptoms, natural erectile dysfunction treatment options are your best bet in eliminating ED symptoms.

Natural treatments, such as vacuum pump therapy, help you achieve an erection without putting any extra stress on your body. When using a penis pump, the negative pressure device gently pulls blood flow into the erectile tissues to help you achieve an erection. Once you reach your desired state, the tension ring keeps the tissues engorged until you conclude your sexual activities.

This method eliminates the risk of side effects, which are commonly found with more invasive erectile dysfunction treatments. To acquire a penis pump for the treatment of ED, contact Augusta Medical Systems to find the right vacuum therapy device for you.