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Do Penis Pumps Work Better If the Device Is Custom Fit To The User?

Do penis pumps work better with a custom fit? ED pumps are like other external medical devices in terms of fit. Ankle, knee, and shoulder braces all must be adjusted to fit the injured.  Crutches, canes, and walkers are all customizable to the individuals using these devices.  If the magnification of glasses ought to be modified to the wearer of the apparatus, and hearing aids attuned to precise volume levels, should there be different expectations for a man who uses a vacuum erection device?  If you believe the answer is no, think again.  You may experience negative, poor, or insufficient results due to improper fit of an ED pump and not be aware that the fit of the device is even a problem.

It is more common than you might imagine for an individual to experience cramps in his feet on a regular basis, replaced shoes every 6 months, and have minor knee pain because he required an extra wide shoe and wore a regular width shoe for years before discovering the error in fit.  He just didn’t know what he didn’t know.

Signs That an ED Pump Is Not Fit Properly

If you experience any of the following issues using a vacuum pump for ED then fit may be the issue.

  • Pain maintaining the erection using a tension system
  • Loss of erection while using a tension system
  • Scrotal tissue pulled into the cylinder while creating an erection
  • Excessive pumping of the vacuum lever or motor without results
  • Cylinder seems to large or to small

One Size Fits All Penis Pump

To truly get great results from a vacuum pump for ED then don’t believe that “one size fits all” represents the best efficacy of an erectile dysfunction pump.  Any of the above-mentioned experiences may mean that any one of, or all, of the following three apparatuses may need to modified:

  1. Tension system – size or design changed to hold erection or decrease discomfort
  2. Cylinder insert – small insert may need to be added or subtracted to prevent scrotal tissue from being pulled into the cylinder
  3. Cylinder size – changing to a different size cylinder may improve efficiency of device to create vacuum and erection or to allow the user to achieve a full erection.

Anatomical differences prevent a one size fits all approach to ED pumps for erectile dysfunction.  We all fundamentally come in different sizes and shapes.  Because of differences in height, weight, and width we have diverse options in belts, shirts, pants, shoes, and hats just to name a few items.

SOMAerect Stf by Augusta Medical Systems

The most flexible and innovative vacuum therapy system that offers the ability to accomplish custom fitting and comfort is the SOMAerect Stf.  It offers 3 cylinder sizing options and 15 different tension systems in one system so you can precisely find the anatomically correct sizing option that exactly fits your fully rigid penis size.  The custom sizing technology is completely unique and was developed to ensure that each user receives the highest level of comfort when treating their ED.

If you are interested in creating the best treatment outcomes when using a penis pump for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, contact Augusta Medical Systems at 1-800-827-8382.