Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Causes of erectile dysfunction may vary greatly.  Regardless of your particular cause of ED, one ED symptom shared by all who are effected by the condition is decreased blood flow to the penis. If your cause of ED is a medical condition, medication, or any one of many potential causes, it is likely that decreased blood flow to penile tissues can be positively impacted by erectile dysfunction exercises.  If you have erectile dysfunction and want to learn how to fix ED, there are effective treatments for ED that will increase blood flow to the penis.

Regular exercise is routinely recommended to counteract heart disease, increase mental clarity, and improve overall health and well-being. Penile health is no different, and blood flow can be increased with erectile dysfunction exercises and significantly improve the quality, frequency, and strength of your erections.

Better Erections

A very old adage applies to erectile dysfunction exercise, “if you don’t use it you lose it.” We take regular walks and make trips to the gym so we don’t lose the health of joints, muscles, and blood vessels by increasing activity and blood flow.

The more you achieve regular erections, the better your penile health.  Daily erections, even if you have erectile dysfunction, is the key to fuller, firmer, and stronger erections.

If you suffer from ED and require treatment to achieve daily erections the following methods can produce daily erections and blood flow to the penis:

  • Oral medications
  • Penile Injections
  • Erectile dysfunction pump

Erectile Dysfunction Pump and Stronger Erections

Using Soma Therapy ED for erectile dysfunction exercises is a very effective option and one of the natural ED remedies.  It is the guaranteed treatment that has the unique ability to create and release 2-3 erections in 10-15 minutes.  This ability to ensure multiple erections on a daily basis is an advantage of an erectile dysfunction pump for exercise since the average man without erectile dysfunction obtains three to six erections per night in (REM) rapid-eye-movement sleep. Soma Therapy ED can create daily blood flow to the penis like men, who do not have ED, without drugs or needles.

The fact that Soma Therapy ED devices pull blood from the body to the penis without drugs and needles is very important to men who are health conscious and want results. Pills and needles are not good choices for erectile dysfunction exercise when you consider that Soma Therapy ED is not only a non-invasive treatment, but it also has the unique ability to create and release multiple erections in a short amount of time unlike other interventions.  Soma Therapy ED can be used somewhat like interval training for better erections.

The Absence of Regular Erections

It is recognized that a prolonged erection problem can lead to shrinkage of the penile tissues and a reduction in penile circulation (non-use atrophy). Regular use of the Soma Therapy ED vacuum therapy device will create penile rigidity. Daily penile rigidity through erectile dysfunction exercise will duplicate the benefits of nocturnal erections, reversing penile shrinkage, reconditioning penile tissues with blood circulation and promoting a return to good penile health.

This therapeutic benefit of regular device use is perhaps best understood as the Soma Therapy ED “Penis GYM” concept. In other words, we can talk in terms of regular device usage equating to penile “exercise” with a resulting improvement in penile “fitness” – hence a physiotherapeutic effect.

How to use Soma Therapy ED for Stronger Erections

Like all other forms of life style changes, the trick is to make ED exercises part of your regular routine.  In the morning or evening, dependent upon when you shower of bath, is probably the best time.

You want to train penile tissues using erectile dysfunction exercises before bathing because you are naturally undressing and the small amounts of lubricant needed to apply the device will be washed away when you bath.

Once you make the training protocol part of your schedule, it will become second nature to perform this simple 10-15 minute exercises.  Here are the steps:

  1. Apply lubricant to the body and device.  Do not use the tension system at all for this exercise.
  2. Use the system to slowly create an erection by pumping the handle 3-5 times and waiting ten seconds for blood to flow into the penis.
  3. Repeat to step two (2) until the penis has become fully erect.
  4. Hold the erection within the cylinder for 2-3 minutes
  5. Release the erection within the cylinder be pressing the release button on the back of the pump head. Note: do not remove the cylinder from around the penis at all during this process.

Repeat this 5-step process of creating and releasing erections three times, remove and clean the device and take your shower or bath.