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The Future is NOW! AUGUSTA MEDICAL SYSTEMS and the SOMA SURE FAMILY of TENSION SYSTEMS make it possible for every man to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and tension. The SureFit™ is so discreet it is practically INVISIBLE when in use! SureFit™ combines a high ratio of surface area contact with a latex free pliable material. Every man is different, in both his anatomy and his tension system requirements. Finally there is a family of products that is able to address the many variations required by our customers in a tension system. Augusta Medical Systems has leveraged over 30 years of clinical experience in the application of vacuum therapy systems to treat ED in urology offices throughout the world as well as the direct training, education, and support of thousands of tension system users and their partners to design, create, and manufacture a unique and comprehensive family of patented tension system solutions available only through Augusta Medical Systems. Each of the three unique patented tension systems is designed specifically to ensure successful outcomes for common obstacles that every man can avoid with the utilization of Augusta Medical Systems vacuum therapy products compared to competitors products. These customization options provided by Augusta Medical Systems are based upon proper education, training, and correct tension system selection. – NO Refunds or Exchanges on Tension Systems

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SureFit X – 5mm, SureFit Y – 10mm, SureFit Z – 12.5mm

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