SomaTherapy-ED Testimonials

SomaTherapy-ED Testimonials

I had a prostatectomy in 1998, I tried injection therapy and achieved mixed results. It was expensive and painful at times. I learned about vacuum therapy from a friend that I respected. I am now 80 years old and have been using the “the pump” for 14 years.

It has had a major impact on my wife and myself. For 10 years I was in a prostate cancer support group and was a strong advocate for vacuum therapy. The main argument for your product in two words is: IT WORKS.

Mark – Buena Park, CA

About 15 years ago, after receiving the results of a routine blood test, my doctor noted my cholesterol was high, and as I had a family history of atherosclerosis, in other words heart disease, he put me on statins and recommended other dietary steps to help reduce the cholesterol.

While this definitely reduced my cholesterol, I was having severe burning in my chest, and shortness of breath with minimal exertion. Another of the earlier signs of my problem, was that I was totally unable to get an erection. An erection is caused by an increased flow of blood into the penis as a result of sexual stimulation, but as the atherosclerosis had severely damaged my blood vessels, drastically reducing the normal flow of blood through my system, an erection was impossible.

I was a little slow to realize the root of the problem, so didn’t mention this to my doctor for a while. In the meantime, I tried all the usual pills that were supposed to help obtain an erection (Viagra, Cialis, and others whose names I can’t remember), but not only did they not help at all, I felt absolutely miserable for a day or two after taking them.

I mentioned my quandary to my local pharmacist, and she did some online investigation, and came up with information on Augusta Medical Systems, and the Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device. I gave you a call and ordered it.

This would be about 8 years ago; I was 70 at the time. I am almost 79, still have an active sex life, and am still using my Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device. With it, I actually get a better, longer lasting erection than I did naturally, and there are absolutely no after efforts. This is a perfectly safe, never-fail, and cost effective solution to Erectile Dysfunction, and doctors should be recommending it.

Brian – Ontario, Canada

I have Diabetes and went from frustrated to happy, fulfilled, and more complete after I found your product. I tried all these drugs that failed to produce the desired results especially because of the side effects. I am just sorry that I waited so long in asking my doctor for something else besides the drugs.

If you have ED you have to ask your doctor about systems such as this as an alternative. I am completely satisfied with this system and especially Augusta. I am definitely a happy customer!

Bruce – Milan, TN

Just dropping a line to let you know what I think about Soma Therapy ED and ask you a question. First a little background, I’ve had chronic back pain dating back many years to my career in the US Army. After several attempts to correct my back problem it came down to pain management and large levels of pain medication leading to ED.

I tried every pill out there and then my Urologist recommended your vacuum device. The Soma Therapy ED device has given back a portion of my life that had been missing. My wife and I are able to be intimate again!

Retired Seargeant – Fresno, CA

I take high blood pressure medicine and have hypertension. Every time I tried one of the 3 main prescription medications I got erections but my eyes were always bloodshot for 2 days after words. Over the counter natural pills were a waste of time for me, then I found your product. The Soma Therapy ED device worked immediately on the first night, it took a little practice but is simple to use and effective.

My wife and I are able to experience the same type of performance as when I was a young man with no ED issues. It is safe, effective, fast acting, and gives us what we all want- relief from ED.

A satisfied customer – Fort Smith, AR

I received your product and thought you would want to know that I can honestly say it is the best. I have used 3 different pumps including the SOMA. In total I’ve tried the following: Yohimbine, Esteem Pump, Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, Caverject, Vacurect pump.

The Esteem pump was not comfortable because tissue was drawn into the cylinder and rings were not comfortable either. My SOMA is much more comfortable. With the Soma System, I have a very satisfying sexual experience with my wife. I recommend your product.


I had a Laparoscopic surgery to remove my prostate due to a borderline aggressive cancer two years ago. I was doing kegal exercises and started using Cialis 5mg and progressed to 20 mg with moderate results. When I shared my lackluster experience with my doctor he prescribed your device. The Soma Therapy ED device has helped my wife and I regain intimacy. I am grateful that doctor prescribed the ED vacuum device.

I have recommended the device and some coworkers and I would to anyone with ED problems. If a man has lost his ability to have intimacy due to ED the Soma device will work for them!

Floyd – Lubbock, TX

Writing to give you feedback on the Soma Therapy Device. I am not sure why I have ED. My Doctors have not said exactly what caused it. I have tried the ED pills but they are not reliable. I have tried the Vacuum Device and have had great success with it. My partner and I are enjoying a healthy sex life. The Soma device has made that possible. I recommend this Device to anyone that’s having any kind of ED issues. May God bless you always

Jim – Pryor, OK

Prostate Cancer took away my already failing ability to gain/maintain an erection for a satisfactory period of time. I had been a user of ED pharmaceuticals for a few years, which greatly improved by abilities, and sex life, however, there always was a faster climax than desired, and the longer refractory time was distressing.

The Soma Therapy VED has been a pleasant addition to my sex life. Previously, I’d have to take the pills, wait 30, 45 or up to 60 minutes for it to become effective. Now, if the mood is right, I can take a smaller dosage, engage in foreplay, and feel the beginning of an erection. Knowing that it would not be satisfactory on its own, adding the VED to the process assures a fully pleasurable erection to my wife (of 41+ years, who has said it’s not been better since our 20’s!!), and a last experience for us both.

Even upon ejaculation, I am able to maintain an erect presence giving her greater pleasure and ability to achieve her own orgasms as if we were “young.”

I would recommend the Augusta Med Systems Soma Therapy ED VED to anyone having trouble maintain a satisfactory erection for themselves, and their partner(s). The ability to maintain the hardness, and duration of erection is more than satisfactory to my partner. It is a great way to make sex last, as we all know, the longer the better!

Fred – Chicago, IL

I had BPH for some time and over time developed cancer in the prostate. My wife and I decided I should have a prostatectomy. Several months after the surgery I asked my surgeon about sexual intimacy and he recommended the Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device. The Soma Therapy device has been a godsend. I have been able to maintain an erection for the maximum amount of time recommended ½ hour.

My wife loves our new/renewed sex life and so do I. Anyone who has ED should use this product because simply put it works! It’s easy to clean, easy to operate, easy to store in its black bag.

Thank you Augusta Medical Systems

Gilbert – Peabody, MA

I’m writing to let you know that the impact that your Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device can only be described as God sent. As a result of the medications I had to begin taking for hypertension my wife and I had no sex for about two years.

Now we have sex when we want! I already have enough pills in my life. This product works, and well it’s SAFER THEN THE PILLS. The pills made my heart beat faster, that was not good for me at all. This is the best thing that ever happened to me and my wife!

James – Janesville, WI

I am a single man who attempted to use both Viagra and Levitra after diabetes took away my ability to perform. While neither of the pills worked for me, Your ED Device has allowed me to enjoy my sexual encounters above and beyond my previous performance levels. Also my sexual partners really enjoy the number of erections the device gives you.

When I talk to my friends about the device and they ask me if they should get one, I always say most definitely. There are no chemicals that result in ruining a great evening. Thanks to your company for a live saving product.

Billie – Newark, NJ

I am a prostate cancer survivor who underwent a radical retropubic prostatectomy procedure. Going through the surgery was tough for me but the loss of erectile power is very devastating from a mental aspect. Although you have no control over what has happened there is a feeling of inadequacy.

After purchasing the Soma ED system I was able to obtain and maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse. This has helped me to feel good about myself again and enjoy intimacy with my wife. If anyone is having problems with ED issues, regardless of the reason, I would recommend the Soma ED system. This system has allowed me to feel “whole” again and has taken away the anxiety that I used to feel after my surgery of not being able to be intimate.

Bob – Metarie, LA

I previously tried Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis and none of these were completely effective. I have lowered testosterone levels and take medication for that so I’m not sure why I only got partial erections with pills. The Soma product is much more effective, less invasive, and more convenient to use than any other form of ED therapy.

It has helped with the romantic area of my life with my wife significantly. I feel it is the safest and most effective product available that also has the least potential side-effects. I am very, very happy with the product and would recommend tell others about it if were not a confidential type of product. I had to tell someone about it, so writing this letter feels good.

Barry – St. Paul, MN

I recently received your product after attempting to use Cialis which was ineffective. My doctor prescribed the Cialis after prostate cancer and a radical prostatectomy using Da Vinci surgery. I wish he had started me out with your product.

My Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device proved very effective after a short period of experimentation. I had to get use to trimming my pubic hair (not to short) in order to get a good vacuum seal. The device produces a strong erection. I am starting to try penile injectable medication which so far (after two months) has not been able to replicate the strength of erection that the Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device produces.

David – Murphy, NC

I don’t know why I am impotent, mostly my age I guess. When I turned 70+ things just quit working. My urologist tried injections into my penis – did not work! He is the one who connected me with you people. I’ve been a client of yours for 12 years and still use the Soma Therapy pump.

“SUPER IMPACT” my wife and I have been together 55 years. Your products have and continue to give us total pleasure with our sex life. Thank you for that! Here I am at 82 years old with a happy wife, and a drug free way to get a good erection anytime.

Again, thank you all for everything.

Denis – Cambridge, MA

I’m writing to thank you, sex with my wife would be a thing of the past without your product. I tried Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and penis injections none of which worked for me. The Soma pump definitely brings about a firm erection. As I got older, I am now 72, my erections were not as firm as when I was younger. I began to experience a condition called venous leakage and I lost the ability to have sex completely. The erections I get now are better than before, Thanks!

Charles – Courland, OH

Do you have a program that gives you product credit based on recommendations to friends? I’ve already recommended this product to several friends who shared their ED problems with me. From a man who has prostate enlargement and high blood pressure and takes several medications to deal with these problems, your product is Excellent!

I am married and went a couple of years without sex, this product allows us to continue our intimate relationship, I didn’t know what we had until it was gone. I’m retired but active, if you need a part time person to represent your product please give me a call.

Jimmy – Batesville, AR

I want to share my story and experience with your product. I had prostate cancer and at the time it was really a shock to me. I thought it was the end of my sex life. I tried injecting medicine into my penis with a needle to get an erection a few times but I quickly decided it wasn’t for me.

The Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device has been a blessing to me and my wife. Both of us are very sexual creatures and the device has made it possible to continue to engage in sex just as frequent as before.

I would highly recommend the Soma Therapy ED vacuum erection device to other men because it will enable him to have a painless way to continue having sexual intercourse. With practice it is very simple to use.


Larry – Crane, MO

My experience has been similar to that of others, so I will keep it short. Pills worked for me until I required a robotic radical prostatectomy over a year ago, and have not recovered erectile function. Injections work ok, but are very expensive, require repeated prescription refills, and do not control climacturia (discharge of urine with climax.) The Augusta system not only gives me the largest erection I have ever had, but it controls discharge of urine.

The major point that I would like to make, and share, is that the system did require some experimentation. I have found that a two-ring method gives me the best results.

My wife and I have always had a great sex life, and the Augusta system has allowed us to continue it.


Mark – Boulder, CO