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ED Pumps Used With ED Medications

ED treatment varies from ED medication to surgery, to more natural options. Successful weight loss treatments almost never consist of only one method or type of solution.  Diet and exercise are so commonly recommended together that the phrase “diet and exercise” almost exists in our thinking as one course of treatment. Even though diet, and exercise, are two distinctly different approaches to losing weight, we think of them as going together.  Arthritis medications or supplements become more effective when they are accompanied by the practice of daily stretching.  A multi-facet approach to treating ED is no different than treating arthritis or weight loss if the goal is to achieve effective results.

Partial Erections and ED Medications

Vacuum therapy is often recommended along with oral medications. You may know from your own experience, or be surprised to learn, that it is not uncommon for men using ED medications to experience only partial erections. Men that experience these results further report that semi-rigid erections are not effective in achieving successful intercourse. In these cases, it is possible to use an ED Pump along with oral medications to achieve full penile rigidity. Some clinical studies find that patient satisfaction is greater when oral medications for erectile dysfunction and ED Pumps are used together.  For additional information of this topic, The Journal of Urology published a study titled “Concomitant Use of Sildenafil and a Vacuum Entrapment Device for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction” 171(1):292-295, January 2004.

Injection Therapy and the ED Pump

It is commonly known in the medical community that a primary side effect of using penile injections is the buildup of scar tissue at the site on the penis in which a needle is injected.  Scar tissue can be a contributing factor to a disease known as peyronie’s disease.  Peyronie’s disease is fibrous scar tissue inside the penis that causes curved, painful erections.

If you are using penile injections, it is important to speak about this known side effect with your physician.  Many prescribing physicians believe that a high frequency of penile injections may increases the probability of developing scar tissue, and increase the possibility of developing peyronie’s disease.  Numerous men successfully use ED medications in the form of injection therapy to treat erectile dysfunction.  If you are using injection therapy and your physician shares a common belief that the frequency of injections contributes to a higher probability of developing scar tissue, you can alternate the use of penile injections with an ED pump.  As a man with erectile dysfunction you do not have to choose between penile injections or an ED pump, you can use both.  By using an ED pump 50% of the time, you are reducing the number of penile injections that you receive by 50%.

Tolerance to ED medications and ED Pumps

Tolerance is a person’s diminished response to a drug, which occurs when a drug is used repeatedly and the body adapts to the continued presence of the drug.  Men who use oral ED medications, as well as injectable drugs, can build a tolerance to them over time.  Countless men report that increased tolerance to ED Drugs, whether oral medications or injectable drugs, either require larger doses to be effective or that the drugs can become unproductive and no longer work. Because no drugs are administered into the body when a ED Pump is used, drug tolerance does not apply to the use of vacuum therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  If you are no longer achieving the results that you once did with ED medications, speak to your physician about adding vacuum therapy to your current treatment plan.

It is important to consult your physician about the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to rely upon medical guidance for all ED treatment methods. If your physician recommends adding a ED Pump to your current existing treatment, you can purchase a medical grade ED Pump from Augusta Medical Systems without a prescription by calling 1-800-827-8382.





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Understanding Why Oral ED Medication Might Not Be Your Best Solution

Oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, are highly visible and heavily promoted. Watch most television programs, or any sporting event, and you will know why it is widely thought that ED medications, as perceived by many, are thought to be erectile dysfunction cures and appropriate for all men.

It is a less known fact that anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of men who seek ED cures from these medications are often disillusioned when they compare their own experiences to the advertised promises of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Given the vast advertising budgets of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these treatments, ED medications and oral pills continue to be the first choice considered by men seeking ED treatment.

What is more telling however, are the facts. According to integrated healthcare care and technology company QuintilesIMSÔ refill rates for ED medications tend to be around 30%. So why do men not refill prescriptions and quit taking these medications?

Over 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction and statistics suggest at least 30% of these men get no results from ED medications or oral pills for various reasons, many of which are medical in nature.  This means that over 9 million who need help with ED will not find any results in oral medications. So, if you are one of the 9 million men who fall into this category don’t internalize your experience as unique, it is not.

Underlying medical conditions, negative side effects, high costs, or even long wait periods may contribute to high dropout rates of men seeking ED solutions in the form of medications of those who do not fill prescriptions for Oral ED medications. If any of these reasons resonate with you, don’t be alarmed it may be that ED medications might not be your best solution.


Drawbacks Of Taking Oral Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The major oral medications for ED, including Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their associated generics, all share similar drawbacks to their use. The lack of effectiveness, lack of accessibility, high cost, long wait periods and potential side effects tend to outweigh the potential benefits, especially when there are other natural options to consider, such as vacuum therapy for ED.



For about 2 out of 3 men the following statement applies “you can’t take men without any ability to attain erections and expect them to achieve strong erections with oral medications.”  In addition, if you are effected by medical conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease, prostate cancer, or heart disease your chances of success with Viagra, Cialis or Levitra can be very limiting.

Men who have the highest rates of effectiveness with Oral ED medications, use them to improve or enhance the erections they already achieve naturally.  Through the years, drug companies seem to have modified the definition of erectile dysfunction to imply performance enhancement.  The term erectile dysfunction when it was created, and in its most accurate description, means “absence of the ability to achieve and create any form of erection at all,” also known as the absence of nocturnal erections. 

Lack of Accessibility

Oral medications are not immediately accessible due to the need for a doctor’s appointment and approval. Before prescribing, physicians usually perform a thorough screening to verify your eligibility for the requested medications and gauge the suitability of that treatment option for your symptoms. Although a physician’s visit is a smart move to rule out underlying health conditions contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction, it is no guarantee that oral medications will be prescribed.

High Costs

The continued costs of oral medications can hit your wallet hard in just a matter of weeks. Brand name oral medication for ED can cost up to $300 for just ten doses, and their generic equivalents are not much cheaper. The costs add up across the years to total thousands of dollars spent on the treatment of this difficult condition.

Long Wait Period

Spur of the moment sexual activities are out of the question when relying on oral medications to achieve and maintain an erection. In fact, it can take up to an hour for your body to properly respond to the medication before achieving an erection is possible. Even after the medication starts to work, sexual stimulation must be initiated to coax your body to produce an erection.  With the proper use of a vacuum erection device a man can achieve and maintain his fullest natural erection in about 2-3 minutes with complete and total control of the process.

Potential Side Effects

All of the ED oral medication options on the market today have a laundry list of side effects to consider. The most disturbing of the bunch is the chance of priapism, which is an erection that continues for more than four hours. If priapism is not treated in a timely manner, erectile tissue death could occur. These medications may also cause headaches, vision abnormalities, dizziness, heart palpitations, and dangerous drops in blood pressure.

Vacuum Therapy: A Natural Alternative To ED Medication

You do not have to take these drawbacks in stride to achieve relief from your erectile dysfunction symptoms. A natural alternative for ED actually comes in the form of a vacuum therapy device. This device utilizes negative pressure to mimic the natural process of drawing blood into the penis which helps you easily achieve an erection on demand and maintain it using a tension ring system. The device is available without a prescription for a onetime cost equal to a month or two of oral ED medication. Furthermore, there is no notable risk of side effects while utilizing this natural and safe treatment device for erectile dysfunction.  Vacuum Therapy is also unique in that it can help to improve partial erections received from Oral ED medications by using the device in conjunction with ED medications.

To acquire a vacuum therapy device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, contact Augusta Medical Systems to inquire about the effective and affordable SomaTherapy-ED system.