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Tension Rings for Impotence

Tension Rings for Impotence

Treating erectile dysfunction or impotence using a penis pump or vacuum erection device is a simple process. It consists of creating an erection by placing the penis in a cylinder, vacating the air with a pumping mechanism, and maintaining the erection with a tension ring or tension system. Utilizing tension rings for impotence and a pumping mechanism as separate devices within a kit or system is an important concept.

The benefit of learning how to use tension rings and a pumping mechanism together cannot be understated.  Successful and experienced users of vacuum therapy products around the world understand this through their own experience.  However, if you are new to the therapy or looking at the treatment for the first time, the cylinder with a pumping mechanism in an advertisement or educational pamphlet may appear to be the most important aspect of the device.  This is not necessarily the case. Many men know the proper use of the best tension system is critical for the best penis pump results.

What are the purposes of tension systems for impotence? How do erectile dysfunction rings work? Why are different types of penis rings available? What are the benefits of choosing the right ring? Are there any precautions to take when learning how to use a penis ring?

For answers to these questions read on!

Purpose of Tension Systems

The purpose of tension systems is to trap blood in a fully erect penis to hold an erection. Tension systems are designed to maintain an erection.  Once a man effectively learns to apply a tension system it may serve additional purposes:

  • Confidence Boost

Many men feel a boost in confidence that comes with the ability to have complete control over the process of creating and releasing erections. With practice, you can create an erection and maintain it until you decide to release it. Complete erectile control can build confidence and create a new sense of empowerment.

  • Delay and intensify Orgasm

Premature ejaculation is thought to impact 1 and 3 men 18 to 59 years of age. With control over the process of creating and releasing erections, men using a tension system may keep an erection after ejaculation. This form of training can lead to longer periods of sexual intimacy with your partner and eventually to training against PE with intensified orgasms.

To create and maintain full natural erections that last until you decide to release them is often described by men suffering from erectile dysfunction as improved sexual performance. With practice and little effort, couples report being able to engage in deeply satisfying sexual relationships. Improved relationships and longer periods of intimacy often go together with the successful use of vacuum therapy.

How Erectile Dysfunction rings work

Erectile dysfunction rings work by keeping blood in the penis.  A penis ring, better know as a tension system, is applied to the base of a full erection to hold it in place. To apply the tension system around the base of a full erection is not difficult.  

It should be stretched over the open end of the cylinder or placed on the cylinder using a tension system loading cone before placing the penis in the cylinder.

Once the tension system is stretched over the open end of the cylinder, the penis is placed in the cylinder.  The vacuum device attached to the other end of the cylinder, either a manual or battery-operated mechanism, draws air out of the cylinder. This action then draws blood out of the body and into the penis.

When a full erection is achieved, the tension system must be transferred to the base of the penis from the open end of the cylinder that is around the penis.

Cup your hand in an open C position and slide the tension system from the base of the cylinder to the base of the penis while removing the cylinder from the penis. The removing of the cylinder from the penis and application of tension system to the base of the penis must happen simultaneously.

Practice is required to master the process of transferring the tension system while removing the cylinder from the penis.  The first couple of times seem awkward, but with a little practice, it gets much easier.  To get the best results practicing the timing of the transfer is crucial.

Your goal is to prevent as little blood from leaving the penis as possible between breaking the seal between the device and the body while transferring the tension system to the base of the penis.  Your ability to master this process ensures a fuller erection.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Ring

Take the time to experiment and determine which tension system option is best suited for you.   A tension system that fits correctly will hold your fullest erection in place for the recommended 30 minutes. If the ring is an incorrect shape or too tight it will create discomfort or lead to a soft, partial erection.  When learning to use a Soma Therapy-ED system 3 translucent tension systems (penis rings) come with the product.

It is recommended to work with the largest system (Surefit™ Z) first. Follow the steps outlined above.  When the tension system is placed at the base of the penis, the tension system must firmly hold blood in the penis while at the same time create no discomfort. 

If you find that the erection loses its firmness, repeat the process with the Surefit™ Y.  Balancing the optimum level of firmness and comfort is the goal.  If the erection is soft of you continue to lose the erection using the Surefit™ Y repeat the process with the Surefit™ X which is smaller in diameter.

Types of Tension systems

  • SureFit (Included in Soma Therapy OTC product)

SureFit Tension Systems

The SureFit™ is so discreet it is practically INVISIBLE when in use! SureFit™ combines a high ratio of surface area contact with a latex-free pliable material. This allows for high levels of tension with extreme comfort.

Select Tension Systems

The Select is designed to produce high levels of tension for those men who require it.  The durability of the material is exceptionally strong.

Sure Ease Comfort

The 4 loops on this tension system series make for extremely easy removal of the device. The soft pliable material and loops make it very popular for men with dexterity issues or arthritis of the hands. 

Sure Ease Ultra Tension SystemsLike the SureEase Comfort, The SureEase Ultra system series makes for extremely easy removal of the device with larger diameters.  The soft pliable material and loops make it very popular for men with dexterity issues of arthritis of the hands.  The Ultra Series is a larger diameter for more dimension which is what separates this series from the SureEase Comfort.

SureRelease® Tension Systems

SureRelease® is a one of a kind tension system.  It is a one time or single-use design that allows the user to easily tear it away the moment before ejaculation.  This is a great option for certain men in which the tension system stops the ejaculate at the ring. The SureRelease® overcomes this common issue.  It is disposable and very affordable.


The Ultra is designed to produce high levels of tension for those men who require it.  The durability of the material is exceptionally strong.  The design is similar to the Select tension system.  The main difference is the translucency of the material it is made from.  This makes the Ultra a very discreet option.

Precautions to take when using Tension Rings

Tension systems are designed to hold blood in the penis to form a full erection.  Due to the nature of its function precautions are necessary to safely and effectively use these devices without risk and injury. Several safeguards are important to achieve these results.

Wear a tension system no longer than 30 minutes at a time.  At the end of 30 minutes, you can remove the tension system and reapply the device.  Bruising of the tissue, pain, and discomfort can result from wearing the device over the recommended time.

Find the tension system that fits properly and is not to tight. Bruising, pain, and discomfort can also occur if the penis ring you are using is the wrong size.