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Utilizing Tension Rings for Impotence

If you decide to utilize vacuum pump therapy to treat your erectile dysfunction symptoms, you must familiarize yourself with tension rings to fully enjoy the benefits. Without the tension rings, your erectile tissues cannot remain engorged with blood throughout the intimacy for which you are using the system. You must understand the importance of using the correct tension system and take the time to select the right one for your unique anatomy to enjoy the best results.

Purpose of Tension Systems

The vacuum therapy pump gently draws blood flow into your penis to engorge the tissues and help you achieve an erection. Upon deactivating the pumping mechanism, blood in your penis begins to recirculate through your body, causing your penis to return to its resting state. To prevent this issue, you must gently slide a snug, but comfortable, tension ring onto the base of your penis. The ring should provide just enough pressure to keep your erectile tissues engorged until you have achieved the desired results at which time it is removed.

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How to choose the correct tension system

Each vacuum therapy device from Augusta Medical System comes with a minimum of three translucent tension systems, depending on the device you purchase, these are known as SureFit™ Tension Systems. Experimentation is necessary to determine which tension system is best suited for your individual use.

tension rings

As part of the process of experimentation begin by using the largest SureFit™ tension system marked with a “Z” and attempt to maintain your erection with this device first.  Because the diameter of the Surefit Z is the largest it will be the most comfortable to use.  If the tension is not sufficient to hold the blood in the penis and thus does not maintain the erection, move to the next tension system which is the SureFit Y, which has a smaller diameter, and try again.  If the tension is not sufficient to maintain the erection using the SureFit Y, move to the SureFit X which has the smallest diameter and provides the most tension in the SureFit™ family of tension systems.  Finding the correct balance of comfort and tension optimal for each man is a process of trial and error.  Once the tension system is found which provides the correct balance of tension and comfort, this will be the tension system that will be used in future sessions.


Types of Tension Rings

If you find that you do not obtain satisfactory results from the SureFit™ tension system options, and your system does not contain other tension systems, call customer support at Augusta Medical Systems 1-800-827-8382 to obtain other models of tension systems.  With over 15 different tension systems crafted with different designs and from several non-latex materials, we will guide you through the various options. You will only go through the training and experimentation process once, and re-ordering is simple.

The SureEase Family of tension systems is our second most popular line of tension system.  As with each different family of tension systems start with the largest tension system and work down to the smallest diameter to find the best fit!

Sure ease tension rings More Sure Ease tension rings

In addition to soft materials, durability, and fantastic tension holding properties, the design is very popular with men who appreciate the unique grip provided in the tabs of the tension system.

The Select tension system family:

Select tension system

as well as the Ultra tension system family:

Ultra tension system

Share the same design but are made from different materials.  They both are typically used by men who require higher levels of tension.  Often medical conditions and anatomical differences dictate the amount of tension that is required to maintain an erection using a tension system.

The SureRelease is the only one-time use tension system available!

SureRelease™ one-time use tension system

Truly a fantastic and unique innovation, many men will only use the SureRelease.  The design is for men who desire to remove the tension system before climax and with ease at the time of release they choose.

Benefits of Choosing the Right System

When you are choosing the right tension system for impotence, you should take the time needed for experimentation to determine which options fit you well and achieve the desired results. When you have placed the right tension system at the base of your penis, your erection will remain engorged at the desired firmness level until the desired results are achieved. The incorrect ring shape or size could leave your erection partially soft or even cause discomfort at the base of your penis.

When trying out each tension system, make sure to use a water-based lubricant to make its placement more comfortable and much easier to accomplish. Always make sure to gently push the tension ring from the head of your penis down to the base, so the inner ring surface sits flat against your pelvic area. If the tension ring starts to slide off, or squeezes your penis too tight, remove it and try a different size. Once you find your ideal tension system shape and size, you will immediately notice the effortless feeling associated with naturally achieving an erection.

Resolving Your ED Symptoms with Vacuum Pump Therapy

You can browse through the available tension ring systems while choosing your SomaTherapy-ED penis pump from Augusta Medical Systems. The tension rings come in various shapes and sizes to fit each individual perfectly. Once you find the best tension system for you, it will be quick and easy to order more whenever needed.