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The Tension System Makes a Difference

In order for a vacuum therapy device to be effective for sexual intimacy, two very basic activities have to be accomplished:

  1. Blood must be drawn into the penis using a cylinder and pumping device or mechanism to create an erection.
  2. A tension system or constriction device then holds blood in the penis to maintain the erection during sexual intercourse.

Both processes are necessary for a vacuum erection device to be effective.  The appearance of one vacuum erection device compared to another device may vary, but they all incorporate the same two fundamental processes. Unless you have actually used a VED, how do you determine which characteristics of a vacuum erection device are most important? In fact, there are several ways to make this determination.

Men who are experienced and successful users of vacuum therapy devices for erectile dysfunction will tell you without doubt, the availability and selection of the right tension system is a major difference between success and failure with any penis pump as an effective ED treatment.

What Makes a Good Tension System?

There is a simple explanation why the tension system makes the difference in a good, bad, or great experience with vacuum therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

An effective tension system has to constrict blood flow to the penis to hold an erection. Tension systems must also be comfortable and free of irritation and discomfort, or the enjoyment of sexual intercourse is compromised.

The force of Tension and requirement of comfort are naturally at odds with each other.  Several factors determine which combination of tension and comfort is correct for each individual man who uses a tension system or constriction device to maintain an erection.  The following factors contribute to which tension system(s) or combination of tension and comfort is best suited to each individual man. (other factors not listed can be variables) The below influences are most common:

  • The general condition or health of the vascular system in penile tissues.
  • Amount of time in which a man has been sexually inactive.
  • Anatomical differences in the penis vary between men
  • Blood thinners or other prescription medications
  • Underlying medical conditions

In order to accommodate the various needs of individual men and their unique conditions, Augusta Medical Systems vacuum erection device is the only product that has a selection of 15 different tension systems.  Our available selection of tension systems come in 5 different patent designs with 4 unique and proprietary medical grade materials, each of which is silicon-free.

If you are considering a vacuum erection device in which the manufacturer claims that the one design they offer is so, so, so effective that it works for every man, beware, they have not taken the time to develop robust options suitable for all men.

For 75% of men, the SureFit® Tension System is considered the finest combination of comfort and strength in any tension system created.  This tension system was designed by over 1,200 men who volunteered to participate in a 24-month product development program.  During the development program men were sent prototype designs.

After questionnaires were reviewed and suggestions implemented, additional prototypes were test, rated, and modified. Approximately 5-7 rounds of customer driven modifications occurred.  The result of this program is the only known tension system completely designed by men for men who use vacuum therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, it is called SureFit®.

25% of men will require other tension designs to experience the best balance of tension in comfort in a tension system based on their unique needs.  The SureEase Ultra® or SureEase Comfort are great for men with dexterity issues in their hands. ULTRA®, and SELECT®, maybe best suited for men that require more tension then others. SureRelease® Tension System is the only one time use tear away tension system available on the market. Our family of tension products is  custom designed to address the unique and custom requirements of each individual man.

The Augusta Medical Systems vacuum therapy device is designed to be easy to assemble, operate, and clean.  The ultra-ease® pumping mechanism built into the Soma Therapy-ED™ pump head lever can be operated with one hand.  This superiority alone, among other proprietary features, may not be easily identifiable in a picture. However, it elevates the design of Soma Therapy-ED™, and makes it the finest medical grade penis pump available.

Regardless of this, the tension system is separate then the device that creates the erection and makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of the treatment.

When considering a vacuum erection system remember: the tension systems make a difference!