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The difference in an external and internal penis pump

apples and oranges comparison of an external and internal penis pump

Erectile dysfunction pumps can be either internal or external.  Both treat erectile dysfunction and urologist who are often known as “penis doctors” are knowledgeable in the differences between external and internal penis pumps.  The purpose of this article is to be informative about penile implants and cover some of the differences between how internal and external penis pump create and maintain an erection.

What is a penile implant?

A penile implant or penile prosthesis is a medical device that is surgically implanted within the corpora cavernosa or chambers or the penis. The first penile prosthesis was performed in 1973 by Scott and Bradley.  Penile implants are the oldest effective treatment, as the first surgical internal penis pump was implanted 9 years before Geddings Osbon received FDA clearance to market the first external penis pump 1982. 

Internal penis pump

A surgical process is necessary to use an internal implant. The Hippocratic Oath is an important step in becoming a doctor.  And one of the promises within the oath is “first do no harm.”

Hippocratic Oath

Unless a surgical procedure is necessary to save a life, non-invasive procedures are normally considered “first step” treatments before highly invasive procedures are utilized.  Many urologist choose to present the option of using an external penis pumps before recommending an internal one.

However, surgical procedures are known to work well and many urologist perform these procedures daily.  A good analogy is the following: “Brain surgery might be necessary,” However, let’s try an aspirin for a headache before going straight to the operation room.

Type of penile implants

Surgical penile implants are either:

  1. Inflatable
  2. Malleable

While both types are surgically inserted into the body.  They work in different ways.

inflatable penis implant

The inflatable penile implant consists of two cylinders (some models contain three), a reservoir, and a pump that are placed surgically in the body. The cylinders are inserted in the penis and connected by tubing to a separate reservoir of fluid.

The reservoir is implanted under the lower abdominal muscles. A pump is also connected to the system and sits under the scrotal sac, between the testicles.

To inflate the prosthesis, the man presses on the pump and maintains the erection.

The pump transfers fluid from the reservoir to the cylinders in the penis, inflating them.  This is how the erection is created. Pressing on a deflation valve at the base of the pump returns the fluid to the reservoir, deflating the penis.

Malleable penile implants

malleable penile implant

Like the inflatable surgical penile implant a malleable penile implant consists of two cylinders.  Unlike the inflatable device, the two cylinder are always hard which maintains the erection.  No pump is needed to initiate an erection. They are surgically inserted into the chambers of the penis.

The rods are bent upward to have sex and pointed downward to conceal the device under clothing. Some men choose malleable penile implants because they are considered easier to manipulate than inflatable.  But because the rods are always firm, they are more difficult to conceal.

Penile Implant surgery cost

penile implant surgery

The total cost of penile implant surgery can range from $10,000.00 to $ 30,000.00.  In most cases the malleable prosthesis is less expensive because it is not as complex a surgical procedure as the inflatable penis implant.

There are a number of variables that impact the cost of surgical implant. This translates into some challenges in budgeting for a penile implant surgery such as:

  • Surgeon
  • Anesthesia
  • Facility
  • Prosthesis
  • Administrative support
  • After surgery complications

Internal and external penis pumps used together

Dr. Dineen and co-author Steven K. Wilson, MD, of the Institute for Urologic Excellence conducted a clinical study based on the comments of vacuum therapy users who believed they were getting larger from regular use of an external erectile dysfunction pump or vacuum erection device.  They developed a protocol for men who were preparing to undergo surgical implant surgery.

The study demonstrated that the average length of surgical implants and rear tip extenders grew 5.5 cm (from 18.4 cm to 23.89 cm) after using vacuum therapy 10 minutes per day for 2 months prior to implant surgery without a constriction ring.  They concluded that use of a vacuum therapy device pre-operatively allowed men to utilize larger internal surgical penile prosthetics. 

The protocol is now a standard aspect of therapy for patients anticipating an implant in Dr. Dineen’s practice.

Vacuum pump therapy for erectile dysfunction

Before considering internal penis pump surgery, trying an external penis pump is a wise choice. An external penis pump is just as it sounds, external.  No surgical procedures involved, nothing foreign enters the body when using an external penis pump to maintain the erection. 

Ed pills are systemic because they are ingested orally and eventually enter the circulatory system, thus impacting the entire body beyond the penis.  Penile injections or ureteral suppositories are localized specifically to the penis. The down side is, that one must become comfortable with injecting himself with a needle or urethral pellet whenever he desires sexual intimacy.

While penile implant surgery is effective, it is the most invasive treatment available for erectile dysfunction.  While a surgical procedure maybe the treatment you eventually choose, for a minimal cost you can try Soma Therapy ED. Over 90% of men find external penis pumps effective and many decide to opt out of very expensive and invasive surgical procedures after using them.

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