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Top 3 Reasons Why an ED Pump Will Not Work

Not all ED pumps are effective

There are challenges to buying an effective, high quality ED pump.  Unlike other consumer products such as automobiles, clothing, or household appliances, it is difficult to compare one erectile dysfunction pump to another before making a purchase.  Neighbors might compare gas grills or sporting goods for product quality, but information is not openly or practically exchanged about ED pumps.  Seldom can a potential buyer physically hold an ED pump in his hands, compare it to other products in the same category, and make a sensible inspection of the device before making a purchase.  Men who have had the chance to physically inspect and evaluate different ED pumps are usually very surprised at how much the quality and value of one device can vary from another.

Many inexpensive and poorly manufactured devices are available. We are all attempting to achieve the highest value for the least amount of cost, this can be a challenge when purchasing an ED pump. Vacuum therapy is very commonly dismissed as ineffective by those who buy the least expensive device.  Too often a man will reject the entire therapy because they unintentionally purchased an ineffective product and don’t know it. Low cost and poor design may appear effective, and often it is the device not the treatment that is ineffective. The men who realize this have a common story.  They usually experience just enough of a positive result from a novelty product to then purchase a higher quality product.  These men often feel like they wasted money buying the inexpensive product first, but love the therapy when using a medical grade device.

Unrealistic expectations

erectile dysfunction pumps unrealistic expectationsWhen a man watches a 45 second video titled “how does a vacuum pump work,” purchases a device, and expects to take the device out the box and instantly achieve results, he will likely be disappointed.  Regardless of the vacuum erection device, there is a learning curve to get great results from an ED pump.  It is not uncommon to spend several days with multiple practice sessions before you can successfully use an ED pump with your partner.

Consider the time that it takes to get accustomed to your first pair of eye glasses. Don’t forget the adjustments that were necessary to get the best fit from an orthopedic brace, or even the days you spent breaking in a new pair of shoes.  Reflect upon these experiences and you will have much more realistic expectations around learning to get great results from an ED pump.  Experimentation and learning to use a ED pump is natural and necessary, don’t buy into advertisers who attempt to sell you instant gratification regarding vacuum therapy. When this is the expectation men become frustrated, then give up just before mastering the technique of using an ED pump properly. The device, like all new experiences, will seem awkward at first, and with some practice it becomes simple, and easy, to create your fullest natural erection in under 2 minutes.

Re-conditioning penile tissues for erectile function

Depending on the amount of time a man has gone without erectile function it may take several weeks of daily reconditioning to create a full erection or to create an erection without pain.  In the absence of regular erections and blood flow over several years, blood vessels, veins and tissues that facilitate blood flow in the penis can atrophy, shrink, and sometimes die.  In most cases this can be overcome. But in these cases, it requires patience, persistence, and training.  Tissue atrophy doesn’t happen overnight and reconditioning penile tissues does not happen overnight either.

Reconditioning the penile tissues is done through training sessions with an ED pump and by slowly moving blood from the body into the penis using negative pressure.  To do this, you apply the device and create vacuum. At the point in which slight discomfort is experienced, pressure should be released.  Repeat the process 3-5 times per daily session.  After time, the tolerance to negative pressure decreases and the quality of the erection increases.  Each man is different and the reconditioning process can sometimes take 2-3 weeks.  Without patience and a willingness to go through the reconditioning process some men abandon the therapy because of pain or partial erections that would have otherwise subsided with time.

Realistic expectations and training penile tissues is up to you.  If you would like to purchase the best in class vacuum therapy device which has been prescribed by over 50% of Urologist in the United States, contact Augusta Medical Systems at 1-800-827-8382.