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Why everyman with ED should have an external penile pump

erectile dysfunction medications

Generations of people with ED

ED treatment alternatives are plentiful as 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day.  According to a study in the journal of sexual medicine detailing Medicare beneficiaries, 1,763,260 men were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction between 2001 and 2010.  Utilization of surgical procedures for the internal penis pump decreased from 4.6% in 2002 to 2.3% in 2010.

Why are some treatments gaining more popularity than others, and which ED treatment or treatments are best for you?

ED treatments

Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are very visible through television advertisements. Meanwhile, men’s health clinics are setting up locations throughout the country and likely in your home town.  Many of these advertise testosterone replacement and penile injections as treatment for ED.

With so much focus on pills, patches, and injections, it seems that the penile prosthesis lacks visibility compared to other ED treatments.  What is a penile pump, and what does a penis pump do?

Penile Pump

There are two basic categories of penile pump, the internal and the external.  While both are categorized by the FDA as prosthetics, there are considerable differences between them.  The external is non-invasive and the penis pump implant requires a surgical procedure.

What does a penis pump do?

The internal penis pump is surgically implanted into the chambers of the penis and the prosthetic is either inflated or manually adjusted to create penile rigidity.  An external penis pump is placed around the penis and uses negative pressure to draw blood into the penis. Both achieve and maintain an erection.

Penis pumping is a term usually reserved for the external penis pump, however the inflatable internal penis pumps has a reservoir implanted in the scrotal tissue that can be squeezed or pumped to create penile rigidity.

Internal penis pumps are appropriate for the man who wishes to spend $ 10-30 thousand dollars to restore erectile function or achieve an erection and understands the potential risk of mechanical failure and infection.

External penis pumps cost between $ 199 – $ 399 and are also a reliable treatment for advanced erectile dysfunction. External penile pumps are over 90% effective.  Men who have a primary medical condition are great candidates for an external penis pump. 

Because of the its low cost, efficacy, and ability to create penile rigidity in combination with other ED treatments, it has value for everyman who experiences ED.

For men who no longer achieve nocturnal erections. If you are committed to penile health and would like to mimic the healthful benefits of nocturnal erections, you will find the external penile pump extremely effective at creating penile rigidity without drugs or surgery.

Are penis pumps safe?

The internal penis pump requires a surgical procedure.  Risks of penile implant surgery include infection, malfunction of the device, and in some cases an implant might stick to the skin inside the penis or wear away the skin from inside the penis.

Surgery is necessary to remove or replace a broken implant. 

However, an internal penis pump implant is effective and many thousands of successful surgical procedures are performed each year.

External penis pumps come with less health risks because surgical procedures are not required to use them effectively.  One must be careful to not over pump, remove the penis tension ring after 30 minutes, and be mindful that temporary bruising can occur if penis pumping is not done slowly or if the user is taking blood thinners.

Why everyman with ED should have an external penile pump

Clinical studies support using vacuum therapy also known as an external penis pump before surgical procedures to implant an internal penile pump for men with corporal fibrosis.  Pre-operative use of an external erectile dysfunction pump can also be used to increase the cylinder length of a surgically implanted internal penis pump.

It is also well known that men who have had an internal penis pump removed as part of salvation technique due to mechanical failure or infection often use an external penis pump effectively.

Men who achieve partial erections using oral ED medications that are insufficient for intercourse may further create penile rigidity in a manner that enhances erectile function through combined use of sildenafil and a vacuum erection device. So, you can use an external erection device along with or in addition to oral medications for ED to improve penile rigidity.

To offset the risk of penile fibrosis that can result from the use of penile injections, it is possible to reduce the number of penile injections.  This can be accomplished by alternating between use of an external erectile dysfunction pump and penile injections for sexual intercourse.

ED Solutions

An external erectile dysfunction pump has the unique distinction of supplementing other ED treatment modalities in very effective ways.

Use an external penile pump to improve erections while using oral medications.

By rotating between the use of penile injections and the external penis pump a man may reduce the side effect risk associated with repeated penile injections.

An external penile pump can be used to improve the outcome of internal penile pump surgery by preoperative use.  As well, it can be used effectively when internal penile pump removals occur.

If you have erectile dysfunction, other treatments may or may not be entirely effective own their own.  Medical grade external dysfunction pumps can be included in a multi-facet approach to treating erectile dysfunction. Given the ability of an external penile pump to work with other treatments, speak to your physician about this approach to ED solutions.


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