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5 Healthy Living Tips for Better Sex over 50

Man and woman over 50

Sex over 50 is not taboo: Who talks about sex? Who is having sex? Who is having fulfilling sex? We’re here to assure you that sex over 50 can be the best sex of your life – and you don’t have to make huge changes to make it a regular habit for you and your partner.  In this article, we’re sharing our top 5 healthy living tips to boost your sexual performance after the age of 50.

eating right promotes a healthy sex life

1.    Eat right

When we talk about our diet, it seems we need to stop eating anything delicious and significantly reduce our calorie intake. In fact, eating right is not the same as going on a strict diet to lose weight.

Eating right is about a holistic approach to your food and making sure your relationship to food is healthy – not one based on boredom or emotions. Eating right should cover the basics: ensuring you’re getting some fresh fruit and veggies every day, eating the right amounts of food, and limiting your fat intake.

There are certain foods to avoid when you have erectile dysfunction. Healthy living advocates talk about balance in diet – if you’re eating some red meat, balance it out with fresh, colorful veggies instead of French fries and dressing. If you’re heading to a cookout or nice meal later in the day, opt for healthy protein and fresh veggies for your breakfast and lunch.

quit smoking for a improved sexual health

2.    Quit smoking and excessive drinking

This one goes hand-in-hand with eating right. You could be eating a clean, healthy diet – but if you’re smoking a few cigarettes a day or drinking above the recommended level, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Your clean diet can’t do much for your health if you’re drowning it in other vices.

Do you regularly consumer more than the recommended daily amount of alcohol (2-3 drinks for men, at most)?  If so, consider what you’re using alcohol for. Are you using it to unwind and for its health benefits? Or are you relying on it to cope with social or home situations? Defining your reasons for a drink will help you understand your relationship with it.

If you are a smoker, seek professional help for quitting methods that are best suited to you.

Health older man and woman running

3.    Exercise

Research shows that a sedentary lifestyle is linked to erectile dysfunction. The same study also indicates that increased physical activity can improve overall erectile function. But feat not – you don’t have to lift heavy or run a marathon.

Exercise includes anything that gets your heart pumping, which can be taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day. To incorporate more exercise into your routine, brainstorm activities you already enjoy: taking the dog for a hike, going for a swim, kicking the soccer ball around with your kids or grandkids. The more you enjoy your exercise, the easier it is to incorporate on a daily basis.

girls laughing about their healthy sex lives

4.    Smile and laugh

Laughter is the best medicine – and it’s actually true. Research shows that laugher is a big stress reliever and that it actually creates physical changes in your body. Short-term benefits of laughter can include stimulating organs with oxygen-rich air, increasing the amount of endorphins released, relieving your stress response, and soothing tension.

Don’t want to force a fake laugh? Smiling is the best way to lighten up because a simple smile actually leads to happy feelings. Make your partner smile, and you’ll both have more fun.

Meditation and reduced stress promotes sexual health

5.    Meditate

Laughter isn’t the only stress reliever. Meditation is also linked to reducing stress. Less stress can help improve your libido and make you more open to sexual feelings and actions.

Sitting still and breathing for 10 minutes at a time might seem daunting, but there are other ways to meditate as well. prayer is easier for you, opt to spend a few quiet moments in the morning or evening praying.

In today’s world of constant information and noise, just taking a break from it all is meditative. Simply sit upright in a chair and take a look around. Notice the light and the quiet, check in with yourself on physical, mental, and emotional levels, and take a couple deep breaths. You’ll be surprised as how easily you can refocus and relieve stress.

Use these tips to focus on living a healthy lifestyle after the age of 50, and your sexual health will take care of itself.

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