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Do Penis Pumps Work? Common Questions About Penis Pumps for ED

Do penis pumps work? The natural and effective penis pump has the potential to positively impact your erectile dysfunction, or ED, symptoms before your very eyes. It’s easy to learn how to use, and a ED pump lacks serious adverse side effects, making it the perfect solution for ED symptoms that may be wreaking havoc on your sex life. Before you embrace this option as your ED treatment of choice, you may have basic questions about how a penis pump works and what to expect when using one. Luckily, the answers you seek lie just ahead for your convenient investigation.

How Does a Penis Pump Help Achieve an Erection?

Penis pumps gently draw blood into the erectile tissues using negative pressure, which mimics the body’s natural processes of moving blood into the penis. You simply place a cylinder and negative pressure device “also known as an ED pump” around the non-erect penis. Upon activation, the device vacates air from the cylinder which in turn pulls blood into the penis. As the blood flows into the erectile tissues, you will naturally achieve the fullest natural erection possible. A penis pump takes very little time to use and has few known side effects. You can quickly impact your erectile dysfunction symptoms in a positive way by having a penis pump readily available.

What Keeps the Blood from Flowing Out of the Erectile Tissues Prematurely?

While the penis pump draws blood flow into the erectile tissues, a very simple minimalistic device, called a tension system or ring, is required to keep the tissues engorged and to maintain an erection for the desired effect. After applying the device, you simply slide the tension ring from the base of the Ed pump cylinder to the base of your penis, where it sits snugly against your body. The tension ring remains out of the way during your sexual activities and is easily removed once you are ready to release the erection.

How Many Men are Satisfied with the Results of Penis Pumps for ED?

While it is effective for 95 percent of men who use it, up to 80 percent of men are satisfied with the results achieved while using penis pumps to resolve ED symptoms and to achieve the fullest natural erection possible. The tension system, or ring, helps maintain the erection that lasts through the duration of the intended sexual activities. Unlike other therapy options, there are no lengthy waiting periods, side effects are minimal when using a penis pump to achieve an erection on demand. It is recommended that you use the tension system to maintain the erection for no more than 30 minutes at a time, after 30 minutes you simply remove the tension system, and re-apply the ED pump if you choose.

What is the Best Way to Answer, “Do Penis Pumps Work for My ED Symptoms?”

The absolute best way to determine if a penis pump can relieve your erectile dysfunction symptoms, and allow you to achieve an erection on demand, is by speaking with your physician and trying the system for yourself. A vacuum therapy device is quite easy to acquire and learn how to use, which will undoubtedly allow you to confidently reclaim your sex life.

Whether you have a prescription or not, you can acquire a manual or battery operated SomaTherapy-ED device from Augusta Medical Systems to try out this treatment option for yourself. Of course, it is always a good idea to talk with a doctor beforehand to rule out underlying medical conditions before attempting to treat your ED symptoms yourself. Once you receive the go-ahead from your doctor, you may determine if a penis pump will work to treat your ED symptoms.