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Penis Pump Results: What It Can Do for You

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an inability to obtain and/or sustain an erection that is sufficiently firm enough for intercourse. It is a relatively common problem that affects men of all ages. A penis pump or vacuum erection device is one of the treatment options for this condition. The other treatments for ED include oral medications such as Viagra, penile injections, penile suppositories, and surgical placement of penile implants.

Men with erectile dysfunction report favorable penis pump results. A vacuum erection device is a good option if one or more of the other treatments do not work, cannot be tolerated due to side effects, or are not safe. Some men prefer using a vacuum pump because it is noninvasive and does not involve an injection in the penis or insertion of a medicated suppository into the penis. An added benefit is that the device allows men and their partners to enjoy spontaneous sex.

Penis pumps are safe and have a lower risk of complications than any other ED treatment. They are effective and most users are able to achieve a strong erection for satisfactory sex. Doctors recommend using a penis pump for penile rehabilitation after prostate surgery to maintain penis length and circumference and facilitate early return of natural erections. Last but not least, a vacuum erection device is cost-effective in the long run as there is no recurrent expense once it has been purchased.

Using a Penis Pump

For many men with erectile dysfunction, the most important question is how to get an erection instantly? Pills and injections take time to work and require several hours of planning. On the other hand, with a little practice, a penis pump can be very quick and easy to use, so that the erection feels almost instant. With correct use, the device is not only effective but also safer than other ED treatments. There is no need for needles or suppositories or surgery. There are no side effects such as those associated with oral ED drugs.

Vacuum pumps are effective in men with erection problems arising from a number of different causes, including diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, poor blood flow due to vascular disease, and psychological factors. Whatever the cause, when used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, a penis pump offers reliable, on-demand erections with consistent results. In addition, the device can be combined with other ED treatments such as oral medications.

Vacuum erection devices make it possible for men with erectile dysfunction to become erect on demand within 2-3 minutes. The device is made up of a plastic cylinder that is placed on the penis, a pump that is operated by hand or batteries, and a tension ring or constriction band. It takes a few minutes to set up and the results are evident in less than 5 minutes.

Penis Pump Video

For the best penis pump results, a little practice and preparation is necessary. Familiarity with the device and a few practice sessions is all it takes for most men to master the process.

Preparation for Penis Pump Use: It is a good idea to prepare the groin by trimming the pubic hair. This helps create a tighter seal between the device and the skin, resulting in more effective suction. Use of a lubricant has a similar sealing effect and also makes use of the device more comfortable. Finally, it is important to select the correct size of cylinder and tension system. This can make all the difference in obtaining a fully-engorged erection without any discomfort.

Method of Use: While it may sound complicated, there are really only three easy steps to use the vacuum system efficiently. The first is to apply the system over the penis. The second is to activate the pump until the penis becomes erect. The third and final step is to place a tension ring at the base of the erect penis to maintain the erection. Here is a visual representation of what it looks like:

Erectile Dysfunction Pump containing flaccid penis

Harder erections

Harder erections

Until a new user of vacuum therapy becomes familiar with the simple process of using the device it can seem intimidating to first-time users. Watching penis pump videos can help ease some of the anxiety. The product is really quite simple to use and mimics the body’s natural erection mechanism. This video shows what the device looks like and how to go about using it.

A vacuum pump is quite a simple and convenient device to use, and it only gets easier and faster with time. It is safe for most people, and after some practice, you’ll be ready in minutes! The natural-looking erection obtained with a VED can be safely maintained for up to 30 minutes (until the tension ring is removed). This means reliable, strong erections that are sustained long enough for satisfactory sex.

Penis Pump Before and After

The ability to obtain a strong erection on demand with a penis pump has an added advantage. The increased confidence and enhanced self-esteem can help overcome some of the psychological causes of ED. Many men who use a penis pump for ED report that the reduced anxiety associated with sex resulted in improved sex drive, stronger orgasms, and an overall better sexual experience.

In addition to the immediate help, it offers in obtaining a firm erection, using a penis pump has other long-term benefits. Regular use of the device 3-5 times a week for 10-20 minutes supports penile health by delivering oxygen-rich blood to the organ. This helps prevent fibrosis (scarring) and cell death in penile tissues due to lack of oxygen. Penile rehabilitation with a VED can potentially restore the ability to achieve natural erections, unaided, particularly in men who have undergone surgery for prostate cancer. Many studies [1, 2, 3] have found that use of a vacuum pump in prostate surgery patients minimizes tissue damage, helps preserve penis size, stimulates nerve recovery, and reverses the changes that result in post-surgical erectile dysfunction.

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