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Regain control of your sex life, improve your health, and treat ED with a simple and effective solution.

Treat and solve your Erectile Dysfunction with the Soma Therapy OTC Manual System supplied by Augusta Medical Systems.

With no prescription required, Soma Therapy OTC Manual System presents the safest non-invasive option to effectively improve penile health. Vacuum Therapy offers less risks compared to other ED treatments.


Whatever the cause of your ED, you’re not alone.

Soma Therapy OTC Manual System safely treats your Erectile Dysfunction, often caused by an underlying medical, physical, or psychological condition. About 80% of chronic ED cases are caused by diabetes, vascular disease, hypertension, penile curvature, prostate cancer, or spinal cord injuries.

Give Soma Therapy OTC Manual System a try if you…

  • Tried oral medications with little to no success
  • Cannot combine prescription treatment
  • Underwent surgery for prostate or colon cancer
  • Experience complications related to diabetes
  • Sustained a spinal cord injury
  • Post radical prostatectomy penile rehabilitation
  • Want to be intimate and satisfy your partner

Trust Augusta Medical Systems

Augusta Medical Systems is committed to providing products and services to exceed the expectations of patients and prescribing physicians. Urologists and sexual-health physicians in the United States and around the globe prescribe, refer, or recommend medical grade vacuum erection devices manufactured by Augusta Medical Systems. Technical advancements and superior design are the hallmark of each Soma Therapy OTC Manual System.

Trust us to provide the best products to treat your ED, improve your health, and take control of your life.