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How Vacuum Therapy Can Reverse the Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

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Achieving and sustaining an erection after developing erectile dysfunction, or ED, can feel like a distinct impossibility from the start. As failed attempts increase, confidence in your abilities may start to wane considerably. You can regain control over your body and eliminate the symptoms caused by ED with support from a vacuum therapy device. Once you integrate vacuum therapy for ED into your sex life, your confidence and satisfaction will likely return in full force. Read on to learn exactly how vacuum therapy for ED will help reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy for ED

The benefits of using a vacuum therapy device for ED begins as soon as the negative pressure pulls blood flow into the erectile tissues and allows you to achieve an erection. The tension ring system helps by keeping the erectile tissues firm until you are completely done with your sexual activities. As you enjoy the ability to achieve erections on demand, your self-esteem increases, personal relationships flourish and happiness levels peak.

Unlike other ED treatment options, vacuum therapy works instantly to help you achieve an erection with no interruptive downtime. Furthermore, since vacuum therapy triggers your body’s natural processes, this treatment option carries little risk of side effects or other complications. Even if underlying conditions, such as nerve disorders, continue to increase in severity, the vacuum therapy device will keep continue operating as expected well into the future.

How the Vacuum Therapy Device Works

To utilize vacuum therapy for the treatment of ED, you must select the appropriate negative pressure device and tension ring system. After placing the cylinder over your penis, and pressing it securely against your body at the base, you simply active the pressure system using the manual or battery-operated pump. After achieving an erection, you use lubricant to slide the tension ring down to the base of your penis until you are finished with your sexual activities.

Although vacuum therapy does not reverse most underlying causes of erectile dysfunction, this treatment helps eliminate ED symptoms, so you can resume your healthy love life. As the vacuum therapy device mimics your body’s natural processes, blood flows into your erectile tissues, helping those structures remain healthy through the years. If your ED symptoms were complicated by depression or a lack of confidence, support from your vacuum therapy device may even reduce those difficulties.

Acquire a ED Vacuum Therapy Device Today

If you want to begin reaping the benefits of using a vacuum therapy device to treat your erectile dysfunction symptoms, contact Augusta Medical Systems to inquire about the available penis pump mechanisms. You can select from six different vacuum therapy devices available with or without a prescription. The sizing adapters will help you achieve the perfect fit that helps you achieve an erection quickly and efficiently. The systems come with either a manually or battery-operated pump mechanism that fits your exact needs and expectations.

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