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Do Penis pumps really work?

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

In general, there are usually three types of men who are interested in using a penis pump – men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, men who want to use the device to have a bigger penis, and men who require penile rehabilitation. Penis pumps also called negative pressure or vacuum erection devices, are easily available online and through the medical community. There is a plethora of advertisements for these devices making all sorts of claims. Many manufacturers and distributors promise longer, harder erections and exceptionally satisfied sexual partners. What does a penis pump do? Does it increase the size of the penis? And do penis pumps work? Can they fix erection problems? Let’s find out what the scientific evidence shows.

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4 Benefits of Using Vacuum Therapy for ED

A shocking 75 percent of men with erectile dysfunction, or ED, forego treatment in hopes of the condition resolving on its own in due time, whether that’s vacuum therapy or medication. Unfortunately, most cases have an underlying cause that will not simply disappear with time. In addition, erectile dysfunction acts as an indicator for the development of serious health conditions, such as heart disease, so it is incredibly important to have ED symptoms assessed as soon as they start. Beyond the prevention of serious health complications, acquiring a diagnosis for ED can help you embrace natural treatments, such as vacuum therapy. When you naturally resolve your symptoms, you will likely enjoy the four following benefits.

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