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Exploring Effective ED Exercises for Penile Rehabilitation

Weakening of the pelvic muscle group often contributes to the development of erectile dysfunction, or ED. The muscles in this group wrap around your bowels, bladder and prostate to help control the activity in your pelvic region. In addition, these muscles help your body maintain an erection by trapping blood in the cells of your erectile tissues. When you undergo surgery in this area, or suffer from a serious medical condition, your muscle strength may decline, causing the beginning symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, you can utilize the four following targeted ED exercises to strengthen your muscle groups and potentially regain your ability to achieve an erection.


Kegels are a must for building strength in your pelvic muscle group. You must perform this exercise correctly to net the full benefits by activating all muscles in the group at the same time. To start, practice tightening up the target muscles by stopping your urine midstream during bathroom breaks. Once you can activate those muscles on demand, you can practice holding the contraction for several seconds in a row. You want to work your way up to holding the muscles tight for at least ten seconds while laying down, sitting, standing and walking, in that order.


Once you have your Kegels mastered, you can integrate bodyweight squats into your routine. The squats continue the same pelvic floor strengthening movements while integrating your core support mechanism. Balancing your strength gains in this manner helps prevent injury that could setback your progress in recovering from your ED symptoms. Make sure to do squats in front of the mirror to perfect your form before adding weight to your frame. You may eventually hold a 25-pound dumbbell or move onto an Olympic barbell as your pelvic floor and core muscles gain in strength.


To effectively perform Pilates movements, you must contract the muscles in your pelvis and core for extended periods of time. As you attempt to keep your balance, your muscles shift in micromovements that facilitate immense strength gains without adding heavy weights to the mix. Furthermore, the full body movements promote improved coordination between your muscle groups, which has a positive impact on blood flow and muscle contraction. Although you may be tempted to focus mainly on your pelvic floor muscles, alternate your routine on a weekly basis to balance your strength gains across your entire body. Otherwise, injuries could occur.


Yoga allows you to target specific muscle groups for improved strength while increasing your overall cardiovascular function. With hundreds of unique poses to choose from, you can customize your routine to work the muscles you feel are the weakest. As you master the poses, you can move onto the next difficulty level to continue making measured improvements to your physique. Make sure to include the boat, raised legs and plank poses into your initial routine to focus on your pelvic floor muscles from the start.

By integrating ED exercises into your daily routine, you can take back control of your body and fight against the symptoms you feel. Since gains in strength, flexibility and cardiovascular function take time to develop, you may want to utilize a SomaTherapy-ED vacuum therapy device to overcome your ED symptoms in the meantime. Contact the team at Augustus Medical Systems by calling 1-800-827-8382 to learn more.