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How to get an Erection on Command with a Penis Pump

Erection on command

The physiology of erectile function is not simple. It involves¬†nitric oxide pathways. Nerves and hemodynamics (dynamics of blood flowing) must work together to produce an erection. If you’re a man with normal erectile function, you may wonder how to get an erection on command. The best time for sexual intercourse can occur without a plan or schedule. A man under 30 without ED is not always able to get an erection on command. If you have sexual health challenges or experience erectile dysfunction, it is a more difficult question. How do you achieve an erection on command?

Is timing important when choosing a sexual health aid? What is the quickest way to increase penile blood flow? How do you achieve a harder erection in the least amount of time? Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are popular. Do they work on command or quickly?

Sex Pills for men

Oral medications are a very common treatment for ED. The best sex pills for men are prescription. Prescription medications for sexual health often impact nitric oxide synthesis. As a result of the medical findings around nitric oxide, l-arginine is found in many over the counter supplements.

Usually, over the counter medications are unregulated by the FDA. Many are not safe to use. Others only work for men without erectile dysfunction if they work at all. These are best described as performance enhancement supplements.

Depending on your medical condition, prescription oral ED medications may not work. Half of the prescriptions for oral ED medications are not refilled. This may speak to effectiveness. If you are a man who can take a prescription pill for ED that is great. Even then it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes after taking the medication to produce results. So if you want to create an erection on command, a pill might not do the trick.

Harder Erections

One of the common complaints among viagra users is the low quality of erection produced. Most men must wait 30 minutes to an hour after taking the pill for results. Many men then only experience a semi-erect penis. This is one of the advantages to correct use of a medical grade penis pump. Used properly you can achieve an erection that is your fullest natural erection on command.

How to use a penis pump for erections on command

With a minimum amount of practice, you can create an erection using a penis pump. It only takes 2-3 minutes. As you ingest Viagra and nitric oxide causes smooth muscle tissues in the penis to relax you could have easily created an erection with a penis pump. By the time the drug begins to take effect, you are having sex with a penis pump. The process involves 3 simple steps:

Erectile Dysfunction Pump containing flaccid penis

Apply the system over the penis.

Harder erections

Activate the pumping mechanism. This will draw blood into the penis, causing an erection.

Harder erections

Once the penis is fully engorged, the tension ring is placed at the base of the penis, maintaining the erection.

Penis Exercise

As you learn the process of how to get an erection on demand, penis exercise is possible. Penis exercise is a process prescribed by sexual health physicians. Following prostate surgery, men often lose nighttime erections. These are called nocturnal erections. Nocturnal erections occur 3-5 times per night. They are considered to be associated with penile health.

Creating erections draws oxygen-rich blood flow into penile tissues. The process of blood flowing into a non-erect penis stretches tissues. This prevents tissue atrophy and maintains penile length. You can use a penis pump to mimic nocturnal erections. To use a penis pump for penile health do the following:

  1. Apply the system over the penis.
  2. Activate the pumping mechanism. This will draw blood into the penis, causing an erection.
  3. Release the erection in the cylinder and perform the first and second steps again.

Repeat penis exercises using a penis pump 3-5 times per week. Each session should last for approximately 20-30 minutes. You don’t have to be a prostate cancer survivor to lose nighttime erections. Diabetes and hypertension medications often cause a loss of nocturnal erections. Other medical conditions are associated with the loss of nocturnal erections. Even severe lack of sleep can be associated with this loss.

Repetitive erections keep the penis healthy. This can improve your erections. Harder erections can then become more likely.

Can a penis pump assist with premature ejaculation?

What is premature ejaculation? This is when men are not able to keep an erection without releasing semen. After semen is released the erection is lost. Erectile dysfunction is defined as the lack of ability to achieve an erection and maintain it. Premature ejaculation prevents men from being able to maintain an erection.

When you use a penis pump, a penis ring is placed on the base of the penis. This is what maintains an erection after it is created. When you learn how to use a penis ring you learn how to maintain an erection. You can keep an erection up to 30 minutes with a penis ring in place. In some men, this is a confidence booster. In other men, this is a way to maintain an erection to please a sexual partner.

Penis Pump Results

Over 90% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can achieve an erection with a medical grade penis pump. For best results, you can buy directly from the manufacturer. Augusta Medical Systems is the premier manufacturer of American made vacuum erection devices. No prescription is required. Regardless of non-prescription status, it is important to discuss sexual health issues with your physician. Erectile dysfunction can be the first symptom of an undiagnosed medical condition.