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Soma Therapy-ED is a proven and effective ED treatment; Over 90% of men who have tried a vacuum erection device, experience full erections. Numerous peer reviewed clinical studies have cited significant increased levels of healthy sexual function and high levels of satisfaction. Scores of men included in these published works were working through challenging underlying medical conditions.

Soma Therapy-ED is a first-class stand-alone treatment!

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Why Include Soma Therapy-ED in your ED Treatment protocol?

The benefits of Penile Rehabilitation Protocols using a Vacuum Erectile Device (VED) have opened the door to the many possible benefits of using Soma Therapy-ED in conjunction with other ED treatments. VED use with oral medications to augment drug performance, concomitant use of a VED with ICI injection therapy for the favorable and positive combined effects, as well as documented pre-operative VED use before surgical penile implant procedures to positively impact penile vascular health.

Make Soma Therapy-ED a center piece of penile health in your ED treatment Protocol!

Penis Pump before and after prostate surgery

Benefits of Soma Therapy-ED

Benefits of Soma Therapy-ED

Works well with other ED Treatments

Safe and effective to use with prescription ED medications and injection therapy.

FDA Cleared

Medical grade penis pumps are the most effective in treating ED.

Custom Fit Experience

Custom sizing technology is completely unique and was developed to ensure that each user receives the highest level of comfort when treating their ED.

We’re Here to Answer Questions

Our number one priority is your patients’ success with SomaTherapy-ED. Your patients are provided a toll-free number to speak with Patient Specialists for support on the correct application and use of SomaTherapy-ED.

What is unique about Soma Therapy-ED?

Vacuum Therapy has a unique advantage in creating penile health compared to other treatments in the absence of erectile function … such that drawing blood flow into penile tissues and either holding that erection (Blood) in place or releasing it, is so easily achieved with the simple use of Soma Therapy-ED, it is both unique and effective. This creating and releasing of blow flow in the form of erections can be repeated multiple times in one training session.  Significant improvement of vascular penile health for men without regular natural erections is possible with VED use for many men.

Erections created in succession daily or several times a week in succession as part of a penile health routine is commonly known today as penile rehabilitation and utilized following prostate removal or treatment by any number of Urologist around the world.  These training routines are designed to support men by assisting them back to normal sexual function.

Many years before the term penile rehabilitation was considered a treatment protocol, Augusta Medical Systems called this same routine “Training Sessions” to recondition blood.


Mark - Buena Park

"I had a prostatectomy in 1998, I tried injection therapy and achieved mixed results. It was expensive and painful at times. I learned about vacuum therapy from a friend that I respected. I am now 80 years old and have been using the “the pump” for 14 years.

It has had a major impact on my wife and myself. For 10 years I was in a prostate cancer support group and was a strong advocate for vacuum therapy. The main argument for your product in two words is: IT WORKS."


Buena Park, CA

Bruce - Milan, TN

"I have Diabetes and went from frustrated to happy, fulfilled, and more complete after I found your product. I tried all these drugs that failed to produce the desired results especially because of the side effects. I am just sorry that I waited so long in asking my doctor for something else besides the drugs.

If you have ED you have to ask your doctor about systems such as this as an alternative. I am completely satisfied with this system and especially Augusta. I am definitely a happy customer!"


Milan, TN

Satisfied Customer - Fort Smith, AR

"I received your product and thought you would want to know that I can honestly say it is the best. I have used 3 different pumps including the SOMA. In total I’ve tried the following: Yohimbine, Esteem Pump, Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, Caverject, Vacurect pump."

A satisfied Customer

Fort Smith, AR

Frank Mazur

"I spent many thousands on a variety of treatments at an ED clinic with inconsistent and temporary results!!! VERY expensive!! I talked to my Urologist and he almost immediately referred me to Augusta Medical Systems. I called and got started with INCREDIBLY good results. No more worries whether it would work before an encounter, it works EVERYTIME!!! Consistent, Good and Firm, larger than before, and LONG stamina!!! John and the staff are great, friendly and very professional. My partner and I are MORE than VERY pleased!!! And it's REASONABLY priced!!! I can afford it!!! I highly recommend AMS!"

Frank Mazur

Shirley Gardner - Chicago, IL

"I am exceptionally pleased with professional courtesy, promptness and the detailed explanations in operating the Augusta Medical System. I've already referred several family members who will undergo prostate operations. I am truly grateful and thankful that Duane understood the sensitivity and delicate nature of this change of life procedure. I will highly recommend this product and professional service of Duane for future referrals."

Shirley Gardner

Chicago, IL

Tom Allen

"I called Augusta Medical Systems, after having prostate surgery and spoke with John. He answered my questions and helped me select the ED vacuum erection device that best fits my needs. It was such a relief to actually speak with someone with the knowledge and compassion that he showed. THANK A MILLION!"

Tom Allen

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